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Breastfeeding and trying to lose baby weight

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babycat Wed 11-Jul-07 16:37:39

My DD is 23weeks old. I don't really want to diet as such but could do with some tips to help shed the weight. Unfortunately, I keep going to the biscuit tin and am constantly feeling hungry even after a big meal. Healthy snack ideas, please and ways to make me feel full for longer. Could do with shedding at least a stone.

Gizmo Wed 11-Jul-07 16:41:49

How do you feel about meusli (and can you spell it, eh? That's the important question)

Very good for keeping hunger pangs at bay for a long period of time. Also big fruit bowl in front of biscuit tin.

Is there any way you could incorporate more walking around into your day? Getting out and walking is good a) burns calories b) hard to eat, walk and push buggy at same time.

FioFioJane Wed 11-Jul-07 16:42:36

you can do the weightwatchers plan whilst breastfeeding

babycat Wed 11-Jul-07 16:48:41

Muesli is a good idea if I can find a nutfree one as avoiding nuts whilst breastfeeding. Walking is a good idea but don't feel particularly safe walking on my own during the day and have no one to go with. Have done weight watchers and slimming world in the past but don't really want to do these now. Don't think I could get my brain around them whilst looking after lo.

policywonk Wed 11-Jul-07 16:48:46

Just don't have biscuits, cakes or sweets in the house - that way you won't cave in when temptation strikes. (If your DH/DP must have treats in the house, tell him to hide them.) Think about what fruit you like - nice stuff like berries, plums, mangoes - and keep a big stock of that in. You can make a big fruit salad and tart it up with frozen yogurt, which is almost like ice-cream but fewer calories. There are quite a few very nice fruit smoothie ice lollies around (Skinny Cow, Waitrose own-brand) that are yummy and only about 60 calories each. Try using Splenda instead of sugar - mix it in to sugar-free muesli, as Gizmo suggests, or porridge if you like porridge. (I have porridge for breakfast and rarely get hungry again for a few hours afterwards.)

I do sympathise - bf-ing made my sweet tooth (which is normally pretty strong anyway) go comletely bonkers.

babycat Wed 11-Jul-07 16:50:40

Seems like lots of excuses. Will try to do some more walking. Do walk to Baby group once per week at the moment but not very far.

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