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Fed up of been the chubby one, Please Help? Advice Needed?

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Dontgiveamonkeys1350 Wed 27-Mar-19 17:11:17

I did calorie counting. And I was so determined to do this I have not gone over my calories once.

I have two sisters. And I have always been the ‘fat’sister. I was determined when I started this that I wasn’t going to be the fat one anymore.

I am 8 pounds away from my first goal weight of 10stone. Then have one more stone before I stop.

I have been so strict with myself. I refuse to not do this. And I refuse to be the fat one. Not a chance. I also refuse to stop and just give up as in my head I can hear people saying behind my back ... oh well... I knew she couldn’t do it.

I have thrown away so many trousers and tops and bought smaller. I was going to keep using the to bigger ones as I didn’t want to spend the money. But going to that shop and buying a smaller size is so powerful.

KingLooieCatz Wed 27-Mar-19 16:56:50

I've just back on Slimming World. I lost over 2 stone on it about 5 years ago and I want to get things on track before I'm back where I started.

I love that on Slimming World you can lose weight despite never being hungry.

I think the main thing is to find a way of losing weight that works for you and doesn't feel like torture. You need to be able to keep it up.

Valdy Wed 27-Mar-19 16:47:37

IMO the main thing to understand is you don't need to torture yourself; you can't get fat in a day.

Your diet and exercise needs to be a part of your life and NOT something you dread. Find the kind of exercise you enjoy, be it walking, going for a jog, doing classes or gym; do why you enjoy.

For me it was weight lifting. I HATE cardio, so no treadmill for me, I find it boring, but do a lot of walking with the pram. What I eat is just a well balanced diet. People like to calorie count, others live on salad and weetabix. Again, do what's right for you and realise you DON'T need to torture yourself. You can't get fat in a day! If you want to have a takeaway on Friday, do it! But maybe have a nice healthy breakfast and go for a walk on Saturday. This mentality worked very well for me and went from a 12/14 to an 8 in a matter of a couple of months. Good luck, OP. 💗

Crazzzycat Wed 27-Mar-19 15:50:21

All it really takes is deciding that you’ve had enough and a desire to do something about it. So, you’re already halfway there!

My top tips are:
- have mini goals. Losing 2 stone sounds daunting, so break it up into goals that are achievable with a few weeks worth of dieting (e.g. lose 4 pounds)
- accept that the first few days, may be even weeks, can be challenging, so find things to distract yourself (e.g. have a bath, or go for a walk when you’re hungry). You’ll probably find that you need those distractions less and less as the weeks go by
- give yourself little (non food) rewards along the way. Again, I found that particularly useful at the start to stay motivated.
- don’t expect a miracle. It may take you a few weeks until you see changes, so be patient and stick to the plan
-Finally, and I know this sounds cheesy, but be kind to yourself. Negative thoughts are weightloss’ biggest enemy. So don’t beat yourself up over little slip ups, or not losing weight fast enough. As long as you’re good most of the time, you’ll get results

I’m 3 months into my weight loss journey and have lost over 1.5 stone so far by sticking to 1400 kcals. So it can be done!

Good luck

FluffyKittenss Wed 27-Mar-19 14:21:01


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FluffyKittenss Wed 27-Mar-19 13:51:04

@KTD27 Ooo, thank you! I will have a look at his Instagram now see what its all about! Over the week is a great way of looking at it not sure why I never even thought about it that way. Thank you!

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KTD27 Wed 27-Mar-19 13:46:01

James smith academy. It’s changed my outlook on weight loss completely. He is a straight talker - follow him on Instagram so you can see what I mean. But offers a free trial no credit card needed or anything for 5 days so you can get your head around the site and honestly you might not need more than that
One of the things that’s changed in my head is viewing my calorie ‘allowance’ over the week instead of day to day. I no longer feel like I’ve blown it over the weekend or if I have a shit day. Just withdraw less from the bank another day.
I’ve lost nearly two stone since Christmas with a lot to go but it feels like I could actually do it and sustain it which is the first time I’ve ever felt that in my life.

FluffyKittenss Wed 27-Mar-19 13:37:22

So as the title Says really, I'm 25 trying for a baby (not Happening) im 13 Stone 4 pounds. size 14 trousers and size 12 top.

I'm so fed up of been the chubby friend, I just want to live a healthier life and loose a few stone.

Can anyone offer any advise?
How did you loose the weight?
How did you stay motivated?
Anyone going through the process now and have any tips?

Anything would be appreciated. smile

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