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How much did you lose in six weeks?

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Orangeslemon24 Wed 20-Mar-19 08:56:41

As title asks. I'm planning on losing 2lbs per week.
Would be interested in success stories or advice to ensure I manage my goal.

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Crazzzycat Wed 20-Mar-19 11:40:42

I’ve been dieting for twelve weeks now and have consistently lost just under 2lbs a week.

I’m not going for anything too crazy, as I need something that’s sustainable in the long run. So I’m aiming for 1400 kcal a day and a daily 30 min-1hr walk.

After the first week or so, I’ve found it to be pretty easy. Counting calories all of the time can get a little bit boring, but on the plus side I can eat whatever I want, as long as I don’t go over my calorie allowance smile

Orangeslemon24 Wed 20-Mar-19 13:41:21

Crazzzycat thanks so much for the insight and brilliant you've been able to be consistent.

I am trying Myfitnesspal ap to count the calories still boring but less of a burden

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GreenEggsHamandChips Wed 20-Mar-19 13:44:03

When i was really heavy I lost more than 2lb a week may 2.5-3. As my weight got lower it slowed to 1.5-2 lbs a week. My fitness pal is fantastic

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