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Inthetropics Tue 19-Mar-19 21:03:03

Hey! I'm having a gastric bypass on the 26 and thought it would be nice to create a thread for those who are also having surgery or have had surgery in the past.

I'm very anxious and scared. Anyone has been through this?

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swimmingdory Thu 21-Mar-19 15:32:46

Hi 👋🏻 I had my bypass end of Aug! Def worth doing, not a magic fix at all but so worth it. X

GinaCarbonara Thu 21-Mar-19 15:45:17

I had a sleeve done last summer. Wish I had done it years ago!

Inthetropics Sat 23-Mar-19 13:23:16

Oh! It's so nice to hear from other people who've also had it! I'm getting very scared as it gets near!

Today i'll de cleaning my whole home, having a b13 injection and washing my car. And tomorrow i am going to pack a bag. What should i take to the hospital?

On monday i still work but won't have any patients, just admin stuff to do. And i have to do a pregnancy teste to prove i'm not pregnant so they can operate on me on tuesday.

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Inthetropics Sat 23-Mar-19 13:24:14

@swimmingdory What was initial weight and what is your current weight? How was your post op?

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Inthetropics Sat 23-Mar-19 13:25:26

@GinaCarbonara I wanted to have a sleeve but it wasn't possible due to a higher risk of reflux in my case. How's it been for you?

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GinaCarbonara Sat 23-Mar-19 16:48:03

It's been great. I felt amazing in hospital after the op and was trundling up and down the corridor with my IV stand a few hours after surgery. No pain on day 1 but I was on morphine.

I was in hospital for one night and then had a two hour drive home the next day. Then I felt absolutely horrendous. I was in HUGE amounts of pain from the trapped wind pain (they puff your body up with co2 to make the operation easier) and I couldn't even have any sips of water without pain, as all I had with me from the hospital was co-codamol and paracetamol. I couldn't sleep, couldn't get comfy and wished I had never had the operation. I felt like that for two days.

Day 4 the pain was much better and I was drinking without pain, and was off all painkillers by 5 and never looked back.

Learning to eat solids again was a learning curve, but Just took some patience.

The big thing is that everyone reacts differently and has a different experience. My sister had the same operation and felt absolutely horrible when she woke up, and was in so much pain. But her recovery after Day 1 was much easier than mine and her progression to solids was much easier.


Inthetropics Sun 24-Mar-19 01:07:10

Gina - My doctor has all bypass patients stay in the hospital for 3 days (2 nights). He won't allow me to drive for 15 days which sounds like A LOT. I'd love to be able to drive home! I'll have a drain while i'm in the hospital and this will be taken off the day i go home.

It'll be 15 days of clear liquids, 15 days of creamy and pureed food and then i can go back to solids. People say they have a hard time going back to eating rice and i hope this doesn't happen to me as rice is the staple food in my county (rice and beans).

I'm scared as fuck of being nauseated all the time or throwing up a lot after the surgery. Hope this doesn't happen to me. What i am excited about is of not taking metmorfin anymore (i'm pre-diabetic) and of sweating less (i sweat a lot and it's embarassing and it makes me feel unclean).

How is your life now?

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GinaCarbonara Sun 24-Mar-19 08:56:47

Yes I had someone drive me home- my hospital had a chauffeur service as it was far away from home.

I've lost 50kg so far, still a long way to go but it's going in the right direction.

I feel much better in myself already, people say I move differently which I agree with.

The thing I would say is make sure you take all your vitamins, I'm not the best with remembering to take them every day and I really notice it. Also it might be worth taking biotin if you're concerned about your hair falling out, mine did/is a lot!

Inthetropics Mon 25-Mar-19 12:53:11

Hi! So tomorrow is my surgery which means today i can only have clear fluids as my meals. I've had homemade apple juice so far and will be having broth for lunch and passion fruit juice for dinner. So far it's going ok but i have to go to the bathroom all the time.

My parents are coming over and will be staying for a few days. My mum will stay at the hospital with me and dad will take care of my cats and my dog (and also visit me at the hospital).

My day is hectic! I'm working full time and after work have to do a grocey shop, take a few things in the dry cleaners, get cat food, sort my exams, pack my bag (no idea what i'll take to the hospital) and print and sign consent papers so i can have the procedure.

Gina - I have to lose roughly 50 kgs but would like to lose a bit more. I'll be having Patogar for my hair. My surgeon prescribes it for all of his patients. Hope it works!

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swimmingdory Tue 26-Mar-19 19:14:04

@swimmingdory What was initial weight and what is your current weight? How was your post op?

@Inthetropics at my heaviest i was 17/10. when I seen the consultant I was 16/13.5 and am currently 12/10. I've been really slow since christmas tbf eating too much naughty stuff. Post op was fine a little trapped wind but otherwise perfectly fine.

For hospital take a dry mouth spray... I didn't and wish I had. Didn't really use much of anything else x

swimmingdory Tue 26-Mar-19 19:15:23

Good luck for tomorrow @Inthetropics

Inthetropics Thu 28-Mar-19 19:22:39

Hey! I'm back home! Surgery was ok but in the first night i had a hard time breathing deep because i had a lot of gas from the surgery trapped inside my abdomen. Not fun. Yesterday i woke up feeling a little better and brrathing more freely.

This is such a strange feeling now... having to eat (drink) every half hour and not being really hungry at all is something very new to me. Tomorrow i'm going back to the hospital to take the drain out. It's currently leaking but i can manage fine. I'm tires so won't write anymore but will definitely come back with more news soon.

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swimmingdory Mon 15-Apr-19 07:20:54

How are you getting on

maxbabi Thu 18-Apr-19 20:54:32

Hi there

I'm due to have a sleeve in a weeks time. Excited and nervous. On the lrd and lost a stone and a half so far.
Having it done privately with healthier weight.
Have bought the bariatric Bible book for extra info also on a few fb forums.
I do have about 13 stone to lose.

swimmingdory Thu 18-Apr-19 21:03:45

Good luck @maxbabi such an exciting journey ahead of you

GinaCarbonara Fri 19-Apr-19 11:42:02

That's exciting, good luck! I'm down 7.8 stone from my surgery last summer so far

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