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Advice on weight loss

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fishonabicycle Sat 16-Mar-19 09:14:33

Count you calories properly. Also 2 weeks is no time at all.

FATEdestiny Sat 16-Mar-19 08:14:30

Before I started reducing calories I counted my normal days and it usually totalled almost 3000 .... for 2 weeks and am gutted not to see any change at all

You are maintaining.

The calories you consume now is not causing you to gain weight (like your 3000-odd calorie count was) but it's also not low enough to lose weight.

You need to drop your calorie allowance to move from maintenance to weight loss.

CabbageHippy Fri 15-Mar-19 11:26:02

pop along to weight watchers or your doctor who will be able to offer an NHS referral so you receive 12 weeks free, to be honest I did it & it has transformed my life. almost 2 years later I still go weekly only now i'm 85 pounds lighter

agirlhasnonameX Fri 15-Mar-19 11:17:36

With MFP you really need to log what weight your food is to see what you are really eating and get an accurate account of your calories. Try and eat plenty protein.
2 weeks is not a long time so it's not abnormal for you not to see any changes yet. Don't pay so much attention to what the scale says, you can lose fat and improve your body condition without the scales moving at all, go by your measurements in inches and how you feel, but be patient.

Iwillbeskinny Fri 15-Mar-19 08:26:02

Hi just looking for advice if anyone has any helpful tips they could give me.
I'm 5ft 8 and 16st so obviously overweight would like to be about 14st by early July as I'm going on holiday then aim to get down to about 12st by November, I know that still puts my bmi higher than it should be but when I look back at pics from a few years ago when I was at the top end of my healthy bmi you can see the bones at my shoulders and top of rib cage sticking out where as pics from when I was just over 12st look much better.

So for the last 2 weeks I have been logging everything on mfp and haven't lost anything so far. I admit I haven't really been weighing everything but I have drastically reduced portion sizes so don't think I'm far off with measurements.

So a typical day for me is
Breakfast: 4 crispbread crackers (100 calories) lightly spread with cheese and Chive spread with tomato slices
Lunch: salad with either tuna or 1 boiled egg, no mayo just salt and pepper
Dinner: tends to be more carb based as I still eat with the family just have a small portion examples from this week are
Chicken pasta bake about 1/4 of a plate with salad rather than garlic bread
1/4 pizza with salad
Homemade cottage pie again 1/4 plate with veg instead of half a plate with chips
Homemade chicken and chorizo pie again a small piece with salad rather potatoes.

Everyday once I drop the older kids at school I go a big walk with the baby in the pram try to do this at quite a fast pace and take a route that has a lot of hills, I also try to to do some exercise in the house when baby naps but I'm a bit stuck for ideas here, I usually try do some push ups squats and sit ups, but I'm actually struggling with these as my stomach muscles seem to be really weak after having the baby. I also go another more leisurely walk before collecting the kids from school in the afternoon, my daily step count is usually between 10000-15000.

I do plan to join the gym and try to go twice a week and also do some swimming but wanted to work on my fitness a bit at home first.

Before I started reducing calories I counted my normal days and it usually totalled almost 3000 so I can definitely see where all the weight was coming from, lots of crisps and bread and sweets, I now haven't had any for 2 weeks and am gutted not to see any change at all, what am I doing wrong?

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