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Losing weight and keeping it off. (long)

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Blondielongie Tue 12-Mar-19 10:22:34

Back story. I lost 3 stone over 2 years. I got down to 8.5 stone. I kept it off for about 6 months by eating 1200 calories a day. Then after a holiday, I went back to 1500 give or take. Just over a stone has crept on since then (a year ago)
Do thin people have to constantly diet? How do you keep it off

Also, I've lost 4 pounds over last 2 weeks by eating 1200. On Saturday, I had 2000 and three pound has come back on. I've kept track of water and weigh myself same time/same outfit each day.

I'm prepared to be told I'm overly invested in this, but what is the science behind it? Does everyone have a weight they are meant to be and mine is 9'8? I am 5 foot 6. Weight is all on my thighs.

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tobee Tue 12-Mar-19 21:38:11

I've posted recently about the baffling nature of weight loss and it not being a linear science. Just wanted to say you are not alone.

I think I would say you probably have to take a longer view on the 3 pound gain. And watch for a trend over some weeks.

Well done on the weight loss last year!

FATEdestiny Tue 12-Mar-19 22:10:31

At 5'6" and 8st5 your BMI was 18.8

At 5'6" and 9st8 your BMI is 21.5

BMI healthy range is 18.5 to 25 - with a BMI around 21.5 being the perfect ideal weight which is smack in the middle of healthy. At 8st5 you are edging close to underweight, a position your body is likely to find biologically non-ideal.

fishonabicycle Wed 13-Mar-19 08:41:06

Fatedestiny is correct. If you are at a low weight for you (and BMI of 18 odd is pretty low) it will be hard to maintain. Ps daily fluctuations mean nothing. My weight varies by a couple of kilos depending on whether I ate loads of carbs (make you retain water), time of day, hormones, whatever ...

Blondielongie Wed 13-Mar-19 18:29:06

Thank you. Glad I'm not alone. Yeah I suspected that it's unsustainable. Annoying that o have take friends who don't have to watch what they eat. (they haven't had kids though!)

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