Low cal batch cooking?

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Sturmundcalm Sun 10-Mar-19 12:43:23

I'm starting tomorrow trying to be properly good, and doing calorie counting - which I've never really done before! Have previously done slimming world, atkins and in the last couple of years have gone pretty-much sugar free. Still have at least 20lbs to lose i think though so decided to kick it up a level...

I'm intolerant to oats and dairy which limits my options but have made quinoa porridge (https://detoxinista.com/instant-pot-make-ahead-detox-quinoa-breakfast-bowls/) which does 6 portions and this morning made egg/veg muffins (https://showmetheyummy.com/healthy-egg-muffin-cups/) again 6 portions assuming I have two at a time.

Anyone got any other suggestions for filling but low calorie options?? Am really looking for stuff that can just become part of my routine - weightloss through boredom!

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