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over weight and would love another baby

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devil Sun 08-Jul-07 18:25:12

can anybody tell me if they have been over weight before and while being preganant and how this has affected them.
i have tryed every diet,cut down eating,just eating fruitand then i bloody give up.WHAT is wrong with me i want a baby so much WHY CAN I NOT STICK TO A DIET!

Elasticwoman Sun 08-Jul-07 19:26:36

Haven't had this problem myself but have known large ladies who have conceived and lost weight during pregnancy.

Have you tried thinking less about your diet (other than cutting out snacks) and just exercising more? Personally I like to exercise by walking, playing tennis, gardening, doing the housework and sex. (Well some of those activities are more fun than others!) but going to the gym is just too depressing and boring, not to mention expensive.

Noodlekitty Wed 11-Jul-07 22:29:25

I was very overweight when I got pregnant last year, and by the time the pregnancy was over, I had lost about a stone. Drop in the ocean for me mind you. I found it very tiring to be pg whilst so big, but then I'm not sure that I wouldn't have found it quite tiring anyway, as I was sick right up to the indigestion kicking in...permanently worn out. My back and legs ached from the get go as well! I'd like to have another baby next year if I can (dd is 4 months now) but I would definitely like to be healthier anf fitter by then.

I think though, that you are maybe putting a lot of pressure on yourself by thinking you have to diet to get pregnant, especially when you're trying really restrictive diets, which are completely impossible to stick to anyway, and utterly designed to fail. I would maybe think along the lines of just trying to be as healthy as you can be, eat the right things, take some exercise etc, I think a lot of my problems were caused by my huge levels of non-fitness! Be a bit nicer and gentler with yourself, there's nothing wrong with you. If dieting was easy we'd all be size 10's and Evans would be out of business! Trite I know, but true also I think.

ForcesSweetheart Sun 15-Jul-07 19:51:36

I was 20st 2lb when after 18 months or so of trying I conceived my DD (I'm only 5ft 3). One week after she was born I weighed in at 23 stone. Problems this all caused me were severe SPD, I was completely wheelchair bound from 6 months so needed daily blood thinning injections. Also post-birth my weight caused big problems as I had an emergency CS, they tell you not to lift anything heavier than the baby in those first weeks, but it was like lifting a ton weight just to get myself out of bed or a chair, and the weight of my tummy pulling down on the wound was excruciating.
I was diabetic (because of the weight) before I fell pregnant so had to injet insulin several times a day throughout pregnancy and was monitored a lot more than normal.
I too find it impossible to stick to a diet, and will be having weight-loss surgery later this year before trying to get pregnant a 2nd time. It's not impossible to get pregnant/go through pregnancy while overweight, but it's far from comfortable/risk-free.

MadLabOwner Sun 15-Jul-07 20:03:41

Hi Devil

Just to second what others have said already in that I was overweight before having my DD. I would like another child (DD now 8 months) but will ensure I am considerably lighter before embarking on another pregnancy. Pregnancy does take it out of you and it makes sense to be in the best shape you can before starting.

Although possible to go through pregnancy whilst being overweight it wasn't a lot of fun in the last couple of months, and I had minor SPD too, which I think would only get worse next time around. Healthwise all else was fine for me, but I was so cross with myself that I hadn't lost the weight before getting pregnant. Have since lost all babyweight and a further stone, am determined to lose another 2 before trying again

riabutterflew Sun 15-Jul-07 21:52:46

Hi. Just like to add my story, hope it helps you.

I got PG by accident at about 16 stone (having not lost all weight from PGs 1&2!). Pre-PG I suffered with sciatica which actually seemed to ease off with pg. I suffered terrible heartburn but other than that did not have any particular health problems and possibly lost a little weight. My delivery was fine and the baby was healthy. I couldn't actually pin the midwives down to tell me what the risks were of me being overweight. The only downside really was that I was unable to have a waterbirth because I was over the weight restriction (which they didn't tell me until the birthing pool was half full - as I was over the acceptable weight from the outset I did feel they could have mentioned it before so I wasn't expecting to be able to have one).

That said, this is only my experience. I would have liked to be less overweight and healthier, I am still worried that mt sciatica will come back and leave me unable to cope with 3 kids (DS3 is almost 4 weeks).

I am planning to start slimming world tomorrow, as it is safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding if followed properly - my GP recommends it as his wife lost more when PG than before.

Good luck to you.

devil Thu 02-Aug-07 22:47:37

Thank you for all your advice.
my sister is 8months pregnant and in alot of pain,reading your posts helped alot cause the pain she is having sounded as you decribed.She has SPD, now she can get help with this and its all thanks to your replys.

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