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mentallyfacked Thu 07-Mar-19 11:43:10

Hey, so long story short I've always been into fitness (ex ballet dancer, thai boxing and rock climbing)but due to an abusive relationship I stopped taking care of myself.

All very isolating, my weight went up from 9st to 14st and now away from the abusive situation am back down to 9st. Currently weight training

However because I've been isolated for so long, I no longer have friends who share my interests fitness wise

I was wondering if there is an app that caters to gym buddies in my local area that I could use as while I don't mind my own company I think it would be nice to have a few people I could workout with.

Anyone found such an app?

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Malibucyprus Thu 07-Mar-19 11:56:44

There's an app called Fitness Friends, give that a try.

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