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Anyone tried the egg fast?

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frenchonion Mon 04-Mar-19 08:37:37

As the title really. It sounds a bit faddy and crash diety (it is!) but I want to lose a few pounds quickly after a few weeks of eating crap whenever I felt like it. My diet is usually healthy and balanced but a long dodgy heave period sent my general diet into a tailspin and I've lived off chocolate and crisps and toast for a couple of weeks and gained about 5lbs, so would be nice to drop that quickly!

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Noneyerbuisness1234 Mon 04-Mar-19 08:41:30

Be very careful a lot of eggs can bind you and make u constipated and bloated.
If u want a quick fix try keto diet it’s no carbs natural fats look it up.

cathyandclare Mon 04-Mar-19 17:46:43

@frenchonion - I have! The first time here it was a huge success and I lost 7lb (mostly bloat but some stayed off). This thread is serendipitous because I'm on day one of another one today. I went out for a family meal (gazillion courses, paired wines etc) which blew my low carbing and piled on 5lb.

This is to get back on the wagon and to lose a few pounds so I can fit into my ski pants before I go skiing on Thursday. Join me?

cathyandclare Mon 04-Mar-19 17:48:19

It is quite a hard-core way into keto though, so it's your first time you may feel tired/headachey and fluey.

Mmmhmmokdear Mon 04-Mar-19 17:50:33

I did and it didn't work. Lost precisely half a pound over 5 days.

frenchonion Mon 04-Mar-19 19:08:28

Thanks for the responses! End of day one almost here, and not feeling too bad. Had two boiled eggs for breakfast. Picked up a tray of 30 eggs from the farm shop, and had 4 eggs scrambled with cream cheese and with feta on top, with a little hot sauce. Drank loads of water too. Planing a small eggy snack for supper, but currently treating myself to a diet coke. I think up to 3 a day are allowed but I don't plan on having too many, just the odd one. Although I don't feel hungry at all, the sugar craving is killing me right now so hoping the diet pop will scratch the itch before I break fast spectacularly and eat all the kitkats in the cupboard! Starting weight is 9st2 so will update on progress.

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cathyandclare Mon 04-Mar-19 19:22:06

Well done , just scrambling sone eggs after a cheese omelette for lunch.

Starting weight is 9'1 and hoping to be back to 8'10 ( where I was before blow-out) by Thursday.

frenchonion Mon 04-Mar-19 19:27:41

Cathyandclare high five for day one! 8st10 would be fantastic for me too. I'm resisting the urge to crack some egg jok..oh 😁 Thursday will be my last day too.

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frenchonion Tue 05-Mar-19 06:57:03

I just weighed and scale is showing 8st9!!! Wtaf?! I weighed several times and moved the scale to various places to check the reading was accurate (digital scales) as I did on Saturday when I got my 9st2 reading. I don't think I can put it totally down to the egg fast as I had a very active day on Sunday, ate healthily on both Saturday and Sunday except for a few strips of chocolate on Sunday night. But! I also drank a ton of water yesterday so maybe that helped too. I'm not trusting it totally, but I'm excited to see what the reading will be tomorrow. Gobsmacked!

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frenchonion Tue 05-Mar-19 07:03:24

Also going to pick some stevia up today so I can satsify sweet craving today without resorting to the diet coke. You're supposed to eat an egg within 30 mins of waking, but I just can't face it right now so will have one after school run, and stick to the bullet proof coffee for now.

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cathyandclare Tue 05-Mar-19 07:05:53

Wow. That's incredible, especially at your weight. I'm just 1lb down but feeling better already. Hoping for something more dramatic tomorrow!

cathyandclare Tue 05-Mar-19 07:07:24

Also no way on the early eggs, I may manage something by mid morning .

ItWentInMyEye Tue 05-Mar-19 07:11:29

Have you tried fruit tea? Some of them are quite sweet

TowandaForever Tue 05-Mar-19 07:17:31

I did an egg fast but found once I started to reintroduce vegetables some weight went back on.

frenchonion Tue 05-Mar-19 08:00:57

I didn't think of fruit teas! Thanks for the suggestion. Would be good for adding to the water intake too. I'm expecting a bit of weight to go back on post fast, and that's fine. It was more a way of quickly getting the lbs I'd gained from a crap couple of weeks of overeating / eating junk off to stop my jeans feeling so tight, and to break that cycle of eating crap too.

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frenchonion Tue 05-Mar-19 08:02:05

Nice one on the loss though cathyandclare! It's a win!!

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frenchonion Wed 06-Mar-19 07:03:37

The egg fast has suddenly got HARD! I was pretty hungry yesterday and ate about 9 eggs! And have woken up this morning a bit headachey and crap. I'm guessing this is keto flu, so I'm going to drink plenty of water and up my salt intake today as this is supposed to help. The thought of eating another egg right now...bleugh!! I weighed again last night because I didn't trust yesterday mornings results and I was 8st13, same again this morning. While I'm a bit disappointed, it feels more realistic. How are you getting on cathyandclaire?

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cathyandclare Wed 06-Mar-19 07:17:03

Ouch, yes sounds like keto flu. Although it isn't fun, it is a sign that you're burning fat, so your scales will be back down again.

I had crustless quiche and cheese omelette yesterday. Felt fantastic last night, did my HIIT class with loads more energy- but super sluggish today.

The idea of eggs is not v appealing. May have oopsie rolls because they're less eggy tasting.

Another 1.5 pounds off, so will need a big woosh today to hit target- but I find it usually comes off on the third day ( or fourth if you stay low on the carbs after)

We CAN do it !!

frenchonion Wed 06-Mar-19 11:38:58

Had three mini crustless quiche type thingies with cheese and Chipotle mayo which were nice. So about 2 eggs worth, and got another three left for later. While I definitely feel skinnier, and stomach is less podgy, it's not reflecting on the scales at all! Weighed again (haha obsessed) but I'm back to showing 9st2! Ffs!!! Had a tantrum and drank a diet coke in anger 😆 I really hope today's the rush day like you said Cathyandclaire. I've not done a number 2 for a couple of days (sorry tmi!!) so I'm hoping I will have a 'movement' today and lose 6lbs 😂You're doing so well! Keep going! Are you all set for skiing?

On the plus side, felt knackered and weak first thing and had to have a 20 min power nap (I'm off work today) but suddenly had a power rush of energy so about to attack the housework!

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cathyandclare Wed 06-Mar-19 17:53:35

Hoping for great things tomorrow. i'm not feeling thinner but my fat feels squishy, so hoping it's on its way out!!!

Really struggled through gym class today, limbs felt heavy and sluggish. Had a couple of eggs and some chunks of cheese and will make something tonight. About to pack and try on my ski pants ...wish me luck!

frenchonion Wed 06-Mar-19 18:15:51

Good luck!!! I'm very jealous of the ski trip. Haven't been for years but used to ski regularly. Just think of all that exercise too! Will you be sticking to a keto diet when you're away?

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frenchonion Wed 06-Mar-19 18:17:37

I just had two dippy eggs with deep fried halloumi sticks for dipping. Thoroughly enjoyed! Probably still need to balance the fat so will have a bpc in a bit.

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cathyandclare Wed 06-Mar-19 18:30:30

That sounds delicious! I will be sticking to keto. If I'm already well in ketosis beforehand, with French food it's usually pretty easy and any carbs from the wine seem to disappear with the exercise! However, age and hormones seem to be making everything trickier this year.

The ski pants fit! just Yay, I shall go to the ball. Will do final weigh in tomorrow am and then when I return (if I dare)

Good luck

frenchonion Thu 07-Mar-19 06:47:00

Woken up this morning as high as a kite! I have so much energy I feel jittery. Luckily got a heavy work day followed by doing my sport tonight so I'll have somewhere to direct it. I do have a banging headache though, so will need to have a little salt combat I think. I'm also amazed at how not hungry I've fel throughout this process.

So I weighed...8st11! I'm eggstatic (sorry sorry!) I really feel like I've dropped lbs too. My wobbly sides have vanished. Having bpc and then need to boil some eggs for lunch on the go today. Last day of egg fast today!

Cathyandclaire how are you getting on? Enjoy your trip!

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cathyandclare Thu 07-Mar-19 07:19:59

Brilliant, well done! Eggsellent punnery ;)

I'm 8st 11 too and motivated to be careful with the carbs on holiday- although will have milk in my morning coffee and wine in the evenings.

I may have another few days when I get back, like you I feel much more energetic and well.

I'm at the airport, sipping a coffee and polishing my halo, while DH scarfs down biscotti.

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