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What diet for for GORD Gastro oesophageal reflux?

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nellyitsme Tue 26-Feb-19 13:28:52

Hi I just been been diagnosed with GORD and and been given omaprazole and I’ve to go back in 4 weeks and see how it’s going. The advice I got from the hospital is to lose weight (I agree!) And to eat little and often and avoid spicy and acidic foods.

I want to try to manage this as far as possible by diet without medication although I’ll take the medication for the four week period and see how I'm doing then.
I’ve been looking at diets and eating plans til they’re coming out my ears! I think I prefer a Mediterranean/ low carb/anti inflammatory type approach which seems to fit with the low carb Mediterranean. I won't be able to do any fasting as told not to have long gaps between meals.

Has anyone got any experience of weight loss with GORD and can give me some advise. Thanks

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