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Suggestions for easy low carb breakfast

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OrangeTin Thu 21-Feb-19 08:51:55

Hi, can anyone suggest a quick and easy low carb breakfast to replace my much-loved bowl of porridge in the mornings? I have my breakfast when I arrive at work, there is a microwave there but I need there to be no other 'cooking'. Oh how I wish there was a carb-free porridge! I also need it to be low fodmap to complicate things (as I have IBD and IBS).

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memaymamo Thu 21-Feb-19 09:07:46

I think you should just go for non-breakfast foods.

Salads like cucumber/tomato/olive/feta or zucchini pesto or tomato mozzarella basil.

Or what about coconut yoghurt with chia seeds, berries and nuts?

OrangeTin Thu 21-Feb-19 09:10:39

Ooh I like the idea of coconut yogurt with nuts, seeds etc added!! I'd ruled out yogurt coz of lactose and hadn't even thought of coconut yogurt! And I could leave all the things I need for it at work. Brilliant idea!!!!!! Thanks memaymamo!

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Magmatic80 Thu 21-Feb-19 09:10:41

My ‘treat’ low carb breakfast is scrambled eggs on smoked salmon. Keeps me full all morning too. Lush.

Magmatic80 Thu 21-Feb-19 09:11:32

Oh sorry, missed the work bit. Microwave scrambled eggs is possible though?

OrangeTin Thu 21-Feb-19 09:11:45

Oh magnatic I would love that too, just a bit difficult at work with only a microwave. That will be my weekend treat!

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Birdie6 Thu 21-Feb-19 09:34:20

I make microwave scrambled eggs - Easy ! 90 seconds and they are done.

OrangeTin Thu 21-Feb-19 09:37:20

Am definitely encouraged by the microwave scrambled eggs too! Thanks!

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memaymamo Thu 21-Feb-19 09:42:19

I feel like eggs in a work microwave might create odour issues for others in the office....

LoubyLou1234 Thu 21-Feb-19 09:50:47

Loads of people at my work cook eggs/fish etc in the microwave, smells don't last forever....

sashh Thu 21-Feb-19 10:08:02

Hard boiled eggs, ham cherry tomatoes, cheese, fruit and yogurt . All can be kept in a work fridge.

You can also poach an egg in the microwave and I'm fairly sure an avocado with an egg in it would microwave - do piece the yolk though and try at home first.

Depending on the tolerance of your work mates you can heat kippers in a jug of water from the kettle.

I have a relative who makes a batch of kedgeree and freezes in individual portions for breakfast. OK it is rice based but do you have to be carb free?

OrangeTin Thu 21-Feb-19 10:34:02

Lots of fab suggestions, thank you all so much! Have just come back from her supermarket and am not eating coconut yogurt with nuts and berries- delicious!! Thanks memaymamo! Am off work this week so will have lots of ideas for going back next week.

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Pythonesque Thu 21-Feb-19 10:57:22

Slice of ham and a hard boiled egg; add some asparagus for a treat - should be practical to lightly steam that in a microwave.

memaymamo Thu 21-Feb-19 11:07:40

Have just come back from her supermarket and am now* eating coconut yogurt with nuts and berries- delicious*

Great! Coconut yoghurt is delicious.

OrangeTin Thu 21-Feb-19 11:11:08

Asparagus steamed in a microwave- I'm definitely going to use that idea for my lunches. I'd never though of steaming things at work in the microwave! Game changer!

Btw, for those who mentioned smell, our microwave is in a separate kitchen away from offices so smell is not a massive problem although I wouldn't go for something super smelly.

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PlinkPlink Thu 21-Feb-19 11:34:51

Fruit and Greek yoghurt

EvaHarknessRose Thu 21-Feb-19 11:40:22

I would do slices of Gouda cheese with other picky bits as above.

halfwitpicker Thu 21-Feb-19 16:38:54

Cottage cheese and apple sauce
Hard boiled eggs
Cold ham and cheese

sashh Sat 23-Feb-19 06:58:59


You can cook an egg in a ramekin or mug at the same time as the asparagus, then use the asparagus as you would a toast soldier.

meanfattrendygirl Sat 23-Feb-19 07:10:13

I prepare Greek yoghurt the night before and put in nuts, pumpkin seeds, frozen blueberries and a little chopped apple. It’s delicious in the morning. Sometimes add a little bit of very low sugar chocolate spread.

PoachedEggOnToast Sat 23-Feb-19 07:25:42

You can also cook bacon in the microwave, just put a bit of kitchen roll on top and it goes nice and crispy. So you could do bacon and eggs.

Footle Sat 23-Feb-19 07:25:54

Be very careful indeed that you get enough fibre to replace what's in the porridge. Plenty of low carbers get chronic constipation.

AndhowcouldIeverrefuse Sat 23-Feb-19 07:35:41

So many useful tips! By favourite is the bacon one... yum smile I draw the line at microwaving kippers at work though grin

Lucked Sat 23-Feb-19 07:49:55

What about batch cooking dairy free egg muffins. here You would have to play about with the recipe for your IBS, remove the onions etc.

OrangeTin Sat 23-Feb-19 08:59:44

Thanks for all the extra suggestions folks! I love the look of that recipe lucked! Will try it. And I'm amazed at how many things I can do with a microwave !! grinI had no idea!

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