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Ques for fellow weight watchers with toddlers .....

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mads1 Thu 05-Jul-07 14:35:02

Hi WW friends
My ques is... do you feed your toddlers the same meals as you have?
The reason I ask is, I'm worried that if I fed my dd(26 months old) the same meals as dh and i then she won't be getting enough fat and calories. So I am finding myself making her different things. What do you think?

mads1 Thu 05-Jul-07 14:57:51


youpeskykids Thu 05-Jul-07 15:12:17

Interesting thread - I'm doing WW at the moment and feed my DS1 3.5 different food, but only because he eats his tea at 5pm and I wait until my husband is home from work and kids are in bed before we relax and eat our evening meal (during the week).

Don't see any problem with the fruit and vegetables side of things, and afterall a toddlers portion of pasta, rice,, potatoes etc is still a lot smaller than a weight watchers portion so I don't think you need to worry on that front (so that's the starch and carbs dealt with)

Presuming you're not giving your toddler skimmed milk then I don't think you need to make anything different necessarily. What 'fat' foods would you be not giving them if you were giving it up yourself? Things like cheese, cheese sauces, sausages, ham etc? You could still have slightly different lunches, but no reason why you can't all eat the same evening meal?

Am certainly not a nutritionist, so am not qualified to make recommendations - have you talked to your WW leader? Am sure other MNers will be on tonight, if you bump the thread again.

sweetheart Thu 05-Jul-07 15:19:03


I have a 18 month old and have been following ww (sort of, on and off) since he was born. I cook meals which fit into my weight watchers points for the whole family. I usually get around 18-20 points a day (I follow the old ww scheme not this new no count thing!). I tend to eat very little during the day so that I can use about 10 points on my evening meal. That way I find the whole family can have something filling and healthy for tea.

Favorite recipies in our house include:-

Spag Bol
toad in the hole
chicken chasseur
pasta bake

I think you can also make up her fat content by giving her things that are high in fat for lunch (ie cheese on toast)

Twiglett Thu 05-Jul-07 15:19:11

yes I would, why not .. easy to add stuff you think they're missing

ww is basically just healthy eating

baked pot and beans .. she can have cheese on hers too
she loves stir fry with noodles

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