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1:1 diet (Cambridge weight plan)

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GoodMorningSunshine Tue 19-Feb-19 10:08:57

Anyone else on this? Day 6 for me and not getting weighed until day 12.

Have read through a few old posts but can't seem to find a current one.

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GoodMorningSunshine Tue 05-Mar-19 08:13:22

Just me then!

I'm finding it surprisingly fine to follow. Lots of food products, thank goodness not just shakes (although they do taste lovely) I've lost 10lb so far...

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Meralia Tue 05-Mar-19 08:25:39

Hi done Cambridge recently for a while, I had the 3 bars a day, peanut crunch and caramel crunch. It was ok, I just couldn’t stick to it though. Lots of people do though and have fantastic results in a shirt amount of time.

Good luck! Which step are you on?

GoodMorningSunshine Tue 05-Mar-19 14:26:34

Hi Meralia

Wow 3 bars a day! Sounds like heaven to me but I'm having savoury mainly as I have a bad chocolate addiction and the bars wouldn't help beat that!

I'm on the first step. 1A is it?

My usual day is porridge, soup or shake then main meal (they are so tasty) sometimes I have my main meal for late lunch and a bar in the eve.

How did you do on it? X

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WankeyDoodle Thu 07-Mar-19 20:30:56

Hi Sunshine!

I'm on day three, already feeling lighter within myself but found myself hungry today! Love the smoothies but have some shakes to try! Won't be weighed till day 9. My friend is on week 6, at last weigh in she had lost 23lbs and 20 inches. She already looks like a different person so every time I get hungry I think of her! Wishing you the best of luck and here as a support buddy if you need one!

Meralia Thu 07-Mar-19 22:30:33

I didn’t do great if I’m honest. I really struggled with my willpower.

Good luck.

GoodMorningSunshine Fri 08-Mar-19 18:36:01

Wankeydoodle thats a great name.

Oh good luck! I'm really struggling this week and almost feel gutted at the thought of having spent so much ££ and yet just craving a proper meal. First time I've struggled and I'm 3wks in.

Maralia-how did you do?

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GoodMorningSunshine Fri 08-Mar-19 18:36:42

Sorry Meralia. I was trying to remember 🙈

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GoodMorningSunshine Fri 08-Mar-19 18:37:40

WD I think I'll think of your friend too! If I put my mind to it that could also be be in another 3wks!

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WankeyDoodle Sat 09-Mar-19 09:58:19

Morning Sunshine, well done for keeping going! Just keep in mind what you're trying to achieve. Do you have a event to look forward to? We're getting married and obviously have the minimoon so I guess I'm lucky i have that as my push.

There are such hard moments though! Kids had pizza last night, I cried inside 😂😂 I'm day 5, energy levels are so bad but that's a good sign isn't it for ketosis? That's another thing keeping me going, I want the ketosis so if I cheat it would be compromised

Thinking of you! I know you can do it! What's your goal?

HatBox Sat 09-Mar-19 15:13:24

Hi all,
Can I join you? I started on Monday so this is day 6. I am going hardcore! My motivations are events throughout the summer - beginning with a holiday in the sun at Easter.
I am feeling great so far and finding sticking to shakes and smoothies easiest for my willpower.
Are you exercising or just relying on the diet?

WankeyDoodle Sat 09-Mar-19 16:43:15

Welcome hat!

The more the merrier!

How you finding the hunger? Or are the shakes/smoothies doing it for you? I love the variety they have so I'm feeling optimistic I could actually stick at this! Though had a ready shake for lunch and it just doesn't seem as filling as the straw/banana/oat smoothie I had for breakfast!

Going to start exercising in a weeks time when my energy levels improve. I'm a day behind you but feel absolutely exhausted. Just going to do hiit types at home a 4x per week and walking.

What's your goal?

HatBox Sat 09-Mar-19 17:03:15

I prefer the powdered smoothies and shakes to the ready made. You seem to get more and I am feeling guilty about all the bloody plastic straws! I will be shaking my own from now on!
I have just been to do the family shop and it was really liberating not to have to make food decisions for a diet. I'm not struggling with hunger either. It really seems to be suiting me. I just need to stay busy!

Mollymops26 Sun 10-Mar-19 08:59:37

Hi everyone I’m starting on Monday and a bit nervous if I can do it! I’m starting sole source 3/4 shakes a day for fast results for an Easter holiday. Then I think i’ll change to 2 shakes and a low cal evening meal to introduce food. Hoping I can do the family dinner with out cheating.
Any tips to get through the first few days?
Good luck everyone!

WankeyDoodle Sun 10-Mar-19 12:09:01

Morning all!

Totally get the liberation feeling not having to think about what to eat. I think that's why this has been far easier than any other diet I've tried!

Managed my first evening out with the family at a fundraiser quiz. The table was full of peanuts, pretzels and Haribo. It was bloody hard I love peanuts, but I did it! Drank soda water with lime slices though tempting just to have one beer I knew I'd regret it. Feeling very proud of myself but most importantly we had a good night so I know I can do it.

Welcome Mollysmile don't be nervous, you've got this! Drink plenty of water it really helps keep hunger at bay. Sole source doesn't look that bad to be honest. Everything they offer on it is tasty. The lemon and peanut bars are lovely too. Let us know how you get on.

Day 6 and the fatigue has lifted slightly. Feeling really motivated now

HatBox Sun 10-Mar-19 15:24:30

Whoop whoop! I made it to the gym!
Its my first weigh in tomorrow evening. I have around 3 stone to lose in total and would love to lose most of the first 2 stones by Easter. I have stuck to the plan to the letter - just shakes and smoothies this week - anyone care to take a guess how much I will lose? Promise to post results when I get back.

Gingerkittykat Sun 10-Mar-19 17:28:16

I'm thinking of starting Cambridge to kickstart my weight loss and have some questions.

How expensive is it? I dug a bit and got the figure of around £50 a week, is that accurate?

I always thought it was liquid only but some of you are talking about solids here.

what are the consultations like?

Mmr224 Sun 10-Mar-19 17:45:44

I'm doing this plan on sole source, started eight weeks ago. I've lost two stone, have another 4.5 to lose to get to Bmi 25. My sister is getting married soon and I want to look good in the photos. I'm finding it easy at home and the office, having a mixture of shakes, bars and macaroni, spaghetti bolognese, spicy cous Cous and chicken tikka rice. I travel a lot for work, so finding that a bit harder. I make my shakes in a nutra ninja with a mix of warm and cold water. Vanilla shake is really nice with added cinnamon.

HatBox Sun 10-Mar-19 18:07:44

Ginger - I think the £50ish figure is based on 3 products a day. Some people have 4 so that would be more. There are shakes, smoothies, soups bars and some hot meals as Mmr mentioned. I find it easiest to limit myself to shakes ans smoothies at the moment so that I don't think about food at all. Good luck

HatBox Sun 10-Mar-19 18:09:16

Mmr - well done! 2 stone off is fabulous. When is the wedding?

Gingerkittykat Sun 10-Mar-19 18:33:21

@HatBox Thanks for the info, I think I might look at a different plan.

Mmr224 Sun 10-Mar-19 22:04:11

The wedding is early May, hoping to manage another 1.5 to 2 stone before then, managing around 1 stone per month. I'm in Edinburgh, see consultant once a week, weighted, measured, bit of a chat at her house, get some messages between see how I'm doing, seems easier than I expected to be honest, first couple of weeks bought some of each thing to try, decided what I liked and now buying 4 weeks at a time. Couple of things I didn't like, green Thai rice, otherwise most things are fine.

Mmr224 Sun 10-Mar-19 22:08:09

I'm on 3 products a day, being charged 2.40 a product so about 50 per week at that rate. This is the first diet that ever worked for me. Back at the gym now, sometimes have an extra product or build egg after gym. Have gone down from 128 cm bust and hips, was 36k now 32k to around 113cm, down from size 20 trousers to a 16, top size down from 24 for bust to an 18 or 20. Really pleased so far. Not awfully cheap but it is definitely working.

WankeyDoodle Sun 10-Mar-19 23:02:16

Hat - my guess 11lb.. let us know how you get on! Good luck :-)

Mmr that's incredible achievement in such a small amount of time! You will look amazing for the wedding I'm sure :-)

Anyone had dry skin issues in the first week? I thought it was the weather/central heating, prone to dry skin anyway but have a newly formed patch on my neck which has never happened before.. wondering if it's related?

Mmr224 Sun 10-Mar-19 23:22:21

I remember being really tired first few days, going to bed early, sleeping more than usual and having a bit of a headache. Don't remember feeling as bad as I expected, Think it took about 5 days to pass, lost 7Lbs first week. My sister did the diet last year and lost a lot, but I didn't realise til December she was on this diet, think she was nervous telling us in case didn't work. I think other people lose lot more than me first week but losing between 2-5 Lbs a week no. I didn't really exercise first 2 weeks other than walking. Started jogging last week, husband on a health kick just now too, so making it a bit easier as no snacks in the house except dark chocolate. I just need to not get bored, normally find it hard to stick to diets. Good luck to everyone else just starting out.

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