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To lose a stone in 7 weeks?

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siobhan8686 Sun 17-Feb-19 19:45:18

I go on holiday in just over 7 weeks and would like to lose a stone (to hopefully) fit into my size 12 holiday clothes (currently a size 14). Can this be done? I know i should of really started dieting sooner but food just kept falling into my mouth wink On a serious note, holiday or not. I need to lose weight, i just feel so sluggish and tired all the time and definitely think its down to my weight/bad diet.

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Changingweather Sun 17-Feb-19 19:51:57

I think 2-3lbs a week is meant to be pretty achievable if you stick with it... I did about 2-3 weeks of proper trying and lost 7lb in that time...then got stressed and ate crap.... I've not gained again thankfully. Hoping to start again and lose another 7-12 lbs in the next month.

siobhan8686 Sun 17-Feb-19 19:58:51

Thank you @Changingweather I find I stick with a diet for a few days then I just give up and get back into my bad eating habits. Really need to stick with it this time.

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siobhan8686 Sun 17-Feb-19 19:59:34

Also good luck @Changingweather grin

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Desmondo2016 Sun 17-Feb-19 20:01:11

You're looking for a 7000 calorie deficit a week so a 1000 deficit per day. You're gonna need yo be mega active, eat at 1200 genuine calories (weighing and measuring not just guessing) cut out empty calories like sweets and alcohol and drink a shed load of water. Doable but tough. Keep up your protein and don't be scared of carbs.

Uptheshard Sun 17-Feb-19 20:01:14

Dukan diet. I lost 3 stone in 4 months. Pure protein no sugar no carbs. Hard but it bloody works

PoohBearsHole Sun 17-Feb-19 20:03:10

Ive lost 17lbs since new year so yes, achievable!

siobhan8686 Sun 17-Feb-19 20:13:59

Thanks everyone. Now i know it can be done im determined to do it. Will look into the dukan diet @Uptheshard How did you lose the weight @PoohBearsHole? Ive downloaded my fitness pal so hoping thats going to be a big help.

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PoohBearsHole Sun 17-Feb-19 20:52:31

My fitness pal and a Fitbit I’m slightly obsessed with it 😳 but because the first couple of weeks I saw no loss as I wasn’t logging what I was eating - since then I had a dodgy week during my period but other than that it’s been helpful. I also cut carbs to a minimum.

halfwitpicker Mon 18-Feb-19 00:56:57

Yeah man totally achievable, you just need to be ruthless with the healthy eating.

If I were you I'd go low carb - easy once you get into it and honestly, you'll feel full too. It'll melt off you no problem.

anotherBadAvatar Mon 18-Feb-19 12:56:51

I’ve lost 6kg in 7 weeks (so just under a stone) by following a Keto diet strictly and doing 3-4 workouts per week. Proper hour long workouts like running, body pump, weightlifting or spin classes. I’ve found Keto so easy to stick to, and haven’t cheated once, so it can be done.

MandyFl0ss Fri 22-Feb-19 07:51:38

@anotherBadAvatar, well done on you weight loss; would you be willing to write down a typical day's menu please?

ObamaLlama Fri 22-Feb-19 07:55:01

I just lost 14 lbs in six weeks. But my eager today. I rigorously calorie counted. Logged every single calorie on My Fitness Pal and never went over 1200 a day. I also made sure I did 10,000 steps a day and an exercise class 3x a week (Pilates). I went from size 12/14 to 10/12 and my stomach is more muscular. I didn’t let myself cheat once though and that was hard.

FriedaTheBreeder Fri 22-Feb-19 07:56:03

Hmm. “But my eager today” seems to be autocorrect for “Hit my target today”.

mooncuplanding Fri 22-Feb-19 07:59:31

I’d try keto too

If you stick to it (especially the first week as you go through sugar withdrawal) you might even find yourself in a size 10

That is not unusual at all on keto

BIWI Fri 22-Feb-19 08:05:20


Keep up your protein and don't be scared of carbs

Did you mean this? Or did you mean don't be scared of fat?

If you go down the keto route @siobhan8686 then you avoid carbs as much as possible (especially pasta, rice, potatoes, flour and sugar) - but you keep your diet high in fat and protein.

You could also consider Dr Michael Moseley's Blood Sugar Diet, or his new version, Fast800 - which restrict calories quite severely, but for no longer than 8 weeks - the losses I've read about are significant and you would easily be able to achieve your target. (There's very good science behind them too)

EdtheBear Fri 22-Feb-19 08:10:14

Can I join in with the quest?

Which diet are you planning to follow?

jackio2205 Fri 22-Feb-19 08:12:18

Quick fixes are exactly that, they wont last forever and u cant sustain them forever, but I'd defo do something quick for an event or holiday. For me, best quick fixes are diets where i take the choice away, so the 'special k diet' where you eat two bowls of cereal and a dinner and a snack a day, or a protein shake diet where you have two shakes and a meal, always work for me because when i have the choice i then pick the wrong thing or get tempted and make excuses. Depending on how many calories your eating will depend on exercise needed but u can hugely drop ur calories and start a huge new routine, depends how active you are now? X

UnperfectLife Fri 22-Feb-19 08:12:51

Yes- you can do this. 2lbs a week is achievable- but you will have to work for it!!!
I recommend cutting sugar and carbs like bread, crackers, rice, pasta but really just as a means to going low calorie. Fill up on masses of vegetables.
1200 calories per day. Use My FitnessPal to log accurately. Plan your meals ahead. Don't have crap in the house to tempt you. You might feel hungry. If you do, tell yourself it's just a feeling..... but plan better for the next day.
Keep telling yourself, it's not for ever. It's just for 4 weeks. Keep that holiday in your mind as your motivation. IF you falter, do not use it as an excuse to give up entirely. It IS doable. And you will feel great when you do it.

Flowerfae Fri 22-Feb-19 08:15:18

It is possible to do. I'm doing the Dukan diet and I lost 1lb per day in the attack phase, its slowed down now but its still around 4lb a week. I have a lot to lose though so I don't know how it would be with someone who doesn't have much to lose

SayNoToCarrots Fri 22-Feb-19 08:26:35

I used to be super good at dieting. I'd just decide I was on one and the lbs would melt away. I've been trying to lose 10lb since January 7th and I'm doing OK in the week at work, losing about half a lb a day. Then the weekend happens and I look at a bag of crisps and gain back everything I lost in the week 😢

anotherBadAvatar Sat 23-Feb-19 06:58:56


typical day for me (typically try to stay in 1300-1500 cals/day)

breakfast - none, just coffee

- chicken breast with spinach salad and fatty dressing (like mayonnaise or full fat thousand island).
or - boiled eggs, cheese and raw veggies with sour cream dip.
or - tuna mayo and avocado salad
or - stilton and broccoli soup
Small tub of full fat greek yogurt.

dinner - (I take a lot of inspiration from diet doctor or the low carb joe Wicks recipes)
- salmon with lots of green leafy veg,
- thai prawn curry (made with full fat coconut milk) with cauliflower rice,
- fajita-seasoned mince with avocado and cheese/sour cream
- mushroom and cheese omelette.
- Spag bol with courgetti and parmesan cheese

Lots of fizzy water or half stock cube in boiling water if craving salt.
No flour/sugar/rice/starchy veg/fruit/potatoes

It's taken a great leap to get used to eating so much fat as part of my diet - but it makes you feel so much fuller. If i'm not hungry, I will genuinely forego a meal now (which I never would have countenanced 3 months ago!).

Might be a bit niche - but check out Katrina Ubell's podcasts. She's a bit cheesy and American, and her podcast is aimed at doctors, but she's totally got me in the mindset for losing weight. She basically focuses on the premise that our thoughts drive our actions, so we can't permanently lose weight until we change the way we think about ourselves and food.

anotherBadAvatar Sat 23-Feb-19 07:03:00

Also - I'm loving how I feel on keto, (and have such a strong family history of diabetes), that this is probably going to be a complete lifestyle shift for me.

shauny8686 Sat 23-Feb-19 18:43:42

Thank you everyone. So many diets to look into. The last several days ive been calorie counting using my fitness pal and keeping to the 1200 calories but using them wisely. Lots of veg/fruit/meat/fish/nuts. So far lost 5lbs in 5 days  im guessing thats just water weight but either way seeing those numbers on the scales getting lower is a massive push to keep with it. Im going to up my fitness level too which hopefully will help me reach my target quicker as quite lazy not very active at the min. @EdtheBear, download my fitness pal and we'll see if we can stick with it together. This is the 4/5 time ive downloaded it but 1st time ive actually managed to stick to the calories for longer than 2 days before deleting it and returning back to my normal eating habits.

shauny8686 Sat 23-Feb-19 18:44:35

Posted that last one under my other user name confusedgrin

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