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SureSlim - I met someone who had brilliant results with this, anyone else?

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clumsymum Thu 05-Jul-07 10:45:34

Cos dh is really struggling, and I want to help him find a solution.

I met someone who used sureslim, and lost 4st in less than 6 months. She said the original diagnosis/diet cost hert about £300, but surely it's worth that if it works.

Has it worked for anyone else?

GrowlingTiger Thu 05-Jul-07 10:50:03

I have a friend on it. Seems to involve an awful lot of salad and weighing practically everything. Isn't there a site such as weightlossresources or tesco diets which asks you questiosn and points you in the direction of a suitable weight loss plan absed on what you can manage? Dh is useless on diets but if he runs 5x a week then his weight drops off.

clumsymum Thu 05-Jul-07 13:28:05

But growlingtiger, I think the idea is that everyone's diet may be different.

This woman went for a consultation which included taking blood samples, which were analysed to find out how her metabolism worked, and she was then given a personal diet, which involved cutting out most carbohydrates in her case. She said that she didn't have a great deal of weighing and measuring to do, but the diet was strict as to when she could eat (lunch no less than 5 hours after breakfast, nothing after 9:00p.m., that type of thing).

She said they told her that another persons diet may have concentrated more on cutting out Fats.

It seems to be much more scientifically based.

Carmenere Thu 05-Jul-07 13:32:16

You don't need science to tell you that you need to cut down on carbs and fats to lose weight.
The only thing that works is intaking less calories than you use and the only way to do it is to exercise self discipline.

GrowlingTiger Thu 05-Jul-07 17:22:06

It is all about balancing calories. To lose 2lbs a week (which is a feasible weight loss and is approx what your friend will have lost in the 6 months)) then you need to reduce your net intake of calories a day by 1,000. Many people find this easiest to achieve if they reduce their food intake by 500-700 and increase their exercise rate by 300-500. From what I have seen Sureslim aims for a greater reduction through food so less emphasis on exercise. REgardless of preciely what diet they come up with your dh will be faced by a very strict diet which will be at least 1,000 cals a day than what he is usually on. That is fine if he is the sort of person who can grit their teeth and stick to a restrictive diet - including no alcohol. But not everyone can cope with that, hene my suggestion that you look at the overall type of weightloos program that works for you. My dh is at the other extreme, and would rather lose the weight through exercise mainly (whilst cutting out his Mars a day habit!).

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