4.5lbs down - 61.5lbs to go!

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BelleEnd1 Sat 16-Feb-19 11:35:35

I'd like to join you if you're still here!
I also haven't lost weight after nearly 5 year old.
I'm well into the obese category and would like to lose around 4stone

TheInvestigator Sun 10-Feb-19 12:04:43

Posted too soon!

*if anyone wants to join me on getting to their happy weight then I'd love to have you!

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TheInvestigator Sun 10-Feb-19 12:01:56

My weight has been hovering between 12st3 and 12st6 for years. I havnt been gaining but just didn't try to lose it after having kids. The youngest is almost 6 now, so there's really no excuse.

On Monday, I got a fitbit and started calorie counting. I'm not doing any fad diets or regimes. I'm just counting calories, aiming for 5 portions of veg and 2 portions of fruit a day and drinking 2 litres of water instead of having 8/9 cappuccinos a day.

This week has been surprisingly easy. My problem is snacking, but I'm making a real effort to sneak on veg sticks so I'm not hungry at all. And I'm keeping enough calories so I can have a treat if I want one, but I havnt been having it. I'm sure this won't last.

So, I started at 12st3. Now I'm 11st12.5 and I'm aiming for 7st7 as that's what I was before kids. But it was very skinny, so I think I'm going to re-evaluate around 8/9st and see how I feel. But if I lose 3.5lbs a week then I will hit my target on the week of my 30th birthday, so that's my goal.

If anyone has any suggestion for 150calorie or less snacks, they would be an amazing help! If anyone wants to join me

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