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Newname9 Sat 09-Feb-19 10:49:22

So I’m off to see what the products taste like in an hour...a quick search on here and I have read all the terrible things but I don’t want to sell the stuff - just want to lose some weight in the next month or two. Can anyone tell me if it’s worked for them? If I count calories etc I find I’m always adding an extra this and an extra that - I think I need the convenience of ustnhavjbg a shake/bar etc and that’s that....

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FissionChip5 Sat 09-Feb-19 14:01:19

You’d be better off doing a VLCD like slim and save for a month or two to lose weight. They have shakes, bars, meals and contain vitamins.

AngelaStorm73 Sat 09-Feb-19 14:14:19

It's just a meal replacement program

Slim fast is good, and there are supermarket own brands like Tesco Ultra Slim And Asda Great Shape

Beaubailey Thu 07-Mar-19 19:55:29

Hi @Newname9 just wondered if you went ahead with Herbalife and what sort of results you got? Xx

Newname9 Thu 07-Mar-19 20:01:23

I didn’t / I wasn’t thrilled with the taste although not to bad. I thought about it and decided to calorie count but here i am a few weeks a later still in the same boat.....

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