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How to lose weight on my stomach....

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NewStyleFor2019 Mon 28-Jan-19 08:35:37

I'm wondering if anyone can help.

As soon as I put weight on it goes straight to my stomach. It's flabby and unflattering. Is there any way I can lose weight from my stomach in particular?

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Cheeseandpicklesarnies Mon 28-Jan-19 08:47:18

There is now way to spot reduce fat. I have a similar problem, have lost weight but still have plenty to loose on stomach. Apparently it’s the first place you generally gain fat and the last place to loose it. You just have to keep slowly loosing weight overall and it will come off. I think drinking lots of a water and avoiding foods that bloat you is helpful too

Alienspaceship Mon 28-Jan-19 08:49:30

I have the same problem with my bum and thighs. I have to be as thin as a pin elsewhere for then to reduce to a good size. I think you retain the same body shape when you lose weight, so I’m always a pear however thin I am.

TeeBee Mon 28-Jan-19 08:53:04

Drop the carbs. Eat just veg-based carbs.

SmiledWithTheRisingSun Mon 28-Jan-19 09:01:34

Eat less calories do Pilates.

Siameasy Mon 28-Jan-19 14:24:16

Low carb high fat/Keto has worked for me. I’m an apple - weight goes on mid section. Utterly vile. I have to accept that bread and pasta are a complete no go for me. My waist was 35 (!) but now nearly 30. Also, never hungry

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