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Vegan vegetarian swaps?

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mrsdarcey78 Sun 27-Jan-19 09:30:05

Hi I am trying to find a decent swap for dairy, I can't eat or have any nut based milks or soya. Also any vegan/vegetarian cheeses that taste nice?. Thanks for any help smile

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a334 Sun 27-Jan-19 09:43:22

What is the reason you’ve chosen to cut out dairy products? Is it a substitute for a particular dish or just overall? If you’re cutting it out completely try to just think of alternative foods other than substitutes.

I’m a vegan and if I don’t have soya/almond milk I have rice milk. Apparently it has many benefits and it’s really good for you. I know that Aldi do vegan mayonnaise, haven’t tried it as I never did like mayonnaise. I go to Holland and Barrett and buy their vegan cheese. It’s around £3/£4 I think and it does taste sort of similar to cheddar cheese but it doesn’t really melt over hot food. I really enjoy it though. H&B also do a few other dairy substitutes.

If you have any local organic food shops in your area they will have so many vegan alternatives, but just because it’s vegan doesn’t mean it’s necessarily healthy for you smile

Ricekrispie22 Sun 27-Jan-19 19:18:48

Rice milk, coconut milk or oat milk.
Violife is one of the most popular vegan cheese brands on sale in Britain, and the fact that you can get the slices from most major supermarkets. They have a firm, rubbery texture reminiscent of American-style slices and a delicious, mild flavour.
I’ve found that Cheddar-style block from Sainsbury’s is virtually indistinguishable from cows’-milk Cheddar. It crumbles slightly but also has a firm block texture. You can grate it, melt it, or cut it into chunks or slices – basically, this is a perfect all-purpose cheese.
Tesco has a great range of vegan cheese, from plain Cheddar-style to blue cheese.
Violife Prosciano block has strong, nutty flavour and is ideal for grating over pasta dishes or using in other Italian recipes. I’m also impressed with their Mediterranean block which has a taste and texture that’s very close to real halloumi.
Nutritional yeast is well known for adding a cheesy flavour to dishes. It’s ideal for putting in sauces, and it also contains loads of essential vitamins such as B12.

mrsdarcey78 Mon 28-Jan-19 18:48:05

Thank you for the replies I will look into them and have a try smile

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joeybarnett Tue 29-Jan-19 15:28:05

Ahh I have recently cut out dairy and my skin has never been better!

I use a mixture. I use Almond milk (vanilla flavoured) with my cereal and in my coffee.

I then use Skinny Oat Milk in my tea.

Sainsburys stock an awesome range.

I also use Hazelnut Milk but its quite high in calories so I just a add a tiny bit to my porridge every now and then - it tastes real good!

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