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Tesco slimming shakes

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Lifewithliv18 Wed 23-Jan-19 16:25:14

Hi all, has anyone tried the Tesco own meal replacement shakes? If so how did you find them/how much did you lose? Thanks smile

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A334 Thu 24-Jan-19 02:41:51

Yeah I used to live off them! They are great it just depends how much you weigh, I wasn’t really heavy but wanted to lose some weight. Went from 11 stone 7 to around 10 stone 9 in about 3 or 4 weeks. But I was using them to replace about 2 meals a day and would have about one meal a day and cut down on snacks.

I think they’re a good idea, but only use it for one meal a day, like breakfast.

FDS123 Thu 24-Jan-19 03:47:08

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Lifewithliv18 Thu 24-Jan-19 04:59:50

Thank you, was planning on only doing once a day at the minute as I’m still breast feeding but only at bed time so thought I’d do it at breakfast then have a really nutritious lunch and dinner and just see how that goes. That’s amazing how well it worked for you!

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Lifewithliv18 Thu 24-Jan-19 05:01:29

Hmm sounds promising but I don’t know if I would trust that site. Maybe start off like me with the cheaper alternatives and if it works for you then go for a more expensive brand but make sure they are reputable!

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