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hiyalol Mon 21-Jan-19 10:30:56

Hello! So I need to lose weight quickly as a kick start to a healthier lifestyle. I've been doing some research on the best diets however there's so many I'm just so confused! Can anyone recommend a specific diet from a personal perspective? I'd be very grateful!

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SamBaileys Mon 21-Jan-19 10:40:20

I lost 5 and a half stone over 18 months. I didn't follow a plan as such, I stopped eating crap all day every day and bought an exercise bike. I did an hour a day every day on the bike and my poor little dog was walked so much I think she's an inch shorter now! I have Saturday as a treat day so I'll have chocolate or crisps or whatever I fancy on a Sat night but apart from that I don't snack.
It worked for me but I understand that some people prefer to join a class.
I've been at my target weight of 9 stone for 6 months now. I'm maintaining because I've changed my habits and my mindset. How much are you hoping to lose?

SamBaileys Mon 21-Jan-19 10:42:56

Sorry just to add I know I haven't recommended a specific diet but just wanted to explain what worked for me, I dont think you need to resort to eating only cabbage soup or whatever if you want your weight loss to be maintainable - you cant eat only cabbage soup for the rest of your life can you?! Just an example but you know what I mean.

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