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Exercise with toddler and why are the Middletons so skinny

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Allybee84 Sun 20-Jan-19 14:12:52

How do you exercise with a toddler ? At 2.5 I'm finding it hard to keep him in his pram walking for too long and feel guilty making him sit for too long.

On another note, how are affluent women like Kate Middleton SO thin. I live in a fairly affluent neighbourhood and I feel like the only person with baby weight. I know the obvious is nannies and chefs but I still don't understand how it is possible to be that thin.

Feeling defeated.

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noodlenosefraggle Sun 20-Jan-19 16:43:47

Sadly, I think the answer is nannies and chefs. Much easier to do 2-3 hours of exercise a day if you're not worried about settling the baby into the creche or what you're going to cook that night that everyone will eat, or the cake you bought in Tesco because it was on special offer I never do this of course grin
Don't compare yourself to others. Especially if youve just had a baby.

Kikipost Sun 20-Jan-19 16:46:50

Very affluent area here but not chef level.

We work out and eat very healthily. That is the long and short of it. At the school gate most in gym / yoga / running gear. Quite a few sahm but also quite a few working mums (me included). I run at 6.30 for example.

It is hard but worth it

eurochick Sun 20-Jan-19 16:50:56

Time is the answer for many. People like the middletons have childcare and are not slogging away working full time. I was a regular exerciser pre kids but really struggle to fit it in now between work, commute and actually seeing my child. We are actually middle class and have a nanny but that is to cover work time, not gym time.

PineapplePower Sun 20-Jan-19 16:53:15

Those who place extreme importance on their figure probably didn’t gain much weight in pregnancy either, so they’ll naturally have less to lose than others. And when you have night nannies like really wealthy people do, you get a full night’s sleep, which aids in weight loss. Chrissy Teigen was the only ones who has been real
about it.

They have life on easy mode, just accept it.

Alienspaceship Sun 20-Jan-19 16:56:01

Size is really mostly about diet not exercise. I think it just comes down to self Discipline and will power (unfortunately). If course budget helps to make low carb/calorie foods easily available and on hand.

GemmeFatale Sun 20-Jan-19 17:37:04

It’s about priorities. A friend is a self employed cleaner with three kids including a six month old. She gets up at 5.30am every day to work out. She eats healthy meals and plans everything that goes into her mouth. And it works. She looks fab. Because it’s a priority to her.

XmasPostmanBos Sun 20-Jan-19 17:39:37

I agree diet is more important. A quick HiTT session while your toddler is asleep will keep you in shape if you eat right.

Haworthia Sun 20-Jan-19 17:41:25

Why are they skinny? Because they’re rich! They don’t need to work, cook, clean, shop and do 24/7 childcare like normal folk. They can literally devote vast portions of their day to exercise and if their food is cooked for them, request that it’s low fat and low carb. Even if they cook for themselves, they’re not so knackered from work/housework/children they’re stuffing biscuits into their face so that they’ll stay awake past 4pm grin Willpower is easy when you’re privileged and well rested.

AfterSchoolWorry Sun 20-Jan-19 17:43:47


Morelogsonthefire Sun 20-Jan-19 17:49:34

Haworthia Don't be silly, I'm not rich and I'm skinny. I don't eat loads and I exercise. Genetics do play a part but I'm in my 50's and work at it.

Haworthia Sun 20-Jan-19 17:51:43

Morelogsonthefire good for you. But did I say being rich is the only factor? Can you not acknowledge, at least, that being rich and privileged makes being thin that much easier?

ZigZagZombie Sun 20-Jan-19 17:53:26

Because if your head isn't filled with the constant worry of money/bills/etc. it's a whole lot easier to be very careful about what exactly you put in your mouth - rather than rushing from one crisis to the next chasing them down with a wagon wheel. I'd surmise.

halfwitpicker Sun 20-Jan-19 17:55:53

A friend is a self employed cleaner


Let's face it, cleaning is exercise too. With 3 kids as well I'm not surprised she looks good!

Kikipost Sun 20-Jan-19 17:56:53


Single working mother here.
Not rich. Comfortable.
Run 4x a week, yoga 2x
Very slim, toned and fit.

AfterSchoolWorry Sun 20-Jan-19 17:57:06

Also the Middleton's have long torsos and relatively short legs. So their waists don't stretch out as much during pregnancy.

ArtisanPopcorn Sun 20-Jan-19 18:05:34

@kikipost how do you fit that in if you don't mind me asking? I'm not a single mother but DH works long hours so I can't go out for a run/yoga class before work and I don't really know what time he'll be back after work and I can't leave a 4 year old alone. Only have half an hour lunch breaks.

Haworthia Sun 20-Jan-19 18:09:08

I see people are reading my post and ignoring its salient points in favour of humble bragging grin

SoaringSwallow Sun 20-Jan-19 18:12:40

Yes re the long torsos.

But also Kate was ill during her pregnancies. Or at least two of them. She didn't have a chance to gain weight, in fact she probably wished she could.

For me Meghan is the one who will have a harder time post pregnancy (not that we'll see it). She has a short torso and didn't have a tiny waist in relation to her hips to start with. I normally pay no attention to this, but she has a very similar figure to me (or what mine was pre pregnancies!!) so I noticed. All my friends who "popped back" or didn't look pregnant from behind were all long torso-ed. Not that that guarantees anything, but I didn't see any of my short apple-potential figured friends snap back quite so quickly.

And money. Imagine having to only think about food to tell someone you need something healthy to eat or snack on and then something really tasty appears. You can tell them your nutritional requirements too.

Then no housework, someone is there to home/occupy baby when you want to take a shower so you can actually HAVE a shower.

They're starting from a base that is so very different from the average woman there's no point in comparing.

Oh, and they don't have undiagnosed hormonal or auto-immune conditions that make you put on weight the minute you as much as sniff a doghnut! They are not treated by overworked doctors.

Dragongirl10 Sun 20-Jan-19 18:15:17

Rubbish, mostly being thin is self discipline with food. Eat fresh and little and you can be thin, rich or poor.

You don't need to belong to a gym
You don't need to have childcare to go out of the house to exercise
It costs nothing extra to be thin

I have been chubby and thin, when l was at my slimmest l was doing little more than a daily dog walk,. But l was being very disciplined with following the Louise Parker Method Total cost £18 for the book

twattymctwatterson Sun 20-Jan-19 18:34:56

kiki how do you run 4x per week? I take it you're in a 50/50 split situation or have older kids? Also a working lone parent with a five year old and really struggling to fit exercise into my life

Iputthescrewinthetuna Sun 20-Jan-19 18:36:59

I exercise, I have 3 children, youngest is 2. I work full time. The only was I find time to exercise is I get up at 4.45. I leave the house at 7!
Its tiring. My children sleep well, I certainly couldn't do it when they were waking through the night.
Downside is, by 8.30 i am in bed. My eldest (11) actually goes to bed later than me.

SoaringSwallow Sun 20-Jan-19 18:39:04

The idea that being slim = disciplined implies that being overweight = undisciplined. In some cases yes possibly. But in many, many it's not that simple. If it is, you're lucky. No problem with that. But suggesting it's really that simple for everyone is verging on (inadvertent) fat-shaming.

I know lots of people over the age of 40 who are not slim and it's related to health issues - and not ones caused by a lack of discipline with food, or anything else.

Alienspaceship Sun 20-Jan-19 18:49:25

It’s really concerning that people on here have the view that weight/size contr is the privalege of the wealthy. Is this why we have such an obesity problem? Because people think it isn’t entirely within their control, whoever they are, whatever their income/dress/degree of busyness/multitude of other excuses?? hmm

fishonabicycle Sun 20-Jan-19 19:11:09

It's really down to how much you eat. I also am pretty sure that having your every move under scrutiny would heighten your resolve.

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