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If you're low carbing, what do you eat in place of rice/pasta/potatoe?

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MariaWaria Wed 16-Jan-19 19:27:49

I want to make a veggie stew type dish in my slow cooker but would like something to accompany it in place of my usual rice/pasta/potato.

What would that be if low carbing?

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MelanieCheeks Wed 16-Jan-19 19:30:48

Do you need anything? If the stew has enough chunky root veg it's probably satisfying enough.


Mash made from celeraic, cauliflower, butter beans, swede.

Parsnip or turnip fries

Cauliflower rice

Butternut squash mash/ cubes.

MrsEricBana Wed 16-Jan-19 19:32:58

Veg/salad or nothing, so in your instance probably a pile of finely shredded, steamed savoy cabbage.

SarahBeeney Wed 16-Jan-19 23:36:09

Cauli Rice is really good and very quick.
Celeriac chips or mash.

Bluesheep8 Fri 18-Jan-19 06:07:52

Not low carbing but carb watching. Cauli or broccoli rice (pre packed from aldi) or frozen from Aldi. They do a lovely cauli rice with courgette, onion and tomato in. Or spiralised bns pre done from aldi.

cricketmum84 Fri 18-Jan-19 06:19:22

Cauli rice is not for everyone but I love it! If you can get yourself a spiralizer then courgette and butternut squash makes an excellent substitute for spaghetti.

Personally I prefer salad so if I'm making something like a curry or chilli I will do rice for the family and a nice crunchy salad for me.

Butternut squash makes very tasty chips too especially with a little garlic powder and paprika sprinkled on.

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