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Report out that debunks low carb and recommends more fibre in our diets

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iwonderwhen Mon 14-Jan-19 17:17:40
What are your thoughts? I know for myself that my body works better when I take in more fibre and doesn't run so well with a low carb diet

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ArfArfBarf Mon 14-Jan-19 17:19:57

I only read the reporting but I don’t think it debunked low carb for weight loss, just said that fibre increases longevity and it is tricky to eat enough on a low carb diet.

SpottedTiger Mon 14-Jan-19 17:21:57

I've felt much better since going low carb, but most of our diet is now veg, seeds and nuts, so plenty of fibre there. Skin is clearer, have more energy, lost 4 stone, improved digestion, win win for me.

AutumnCrow Mon 14-Jan-19 17:26:10

But when I 'low carb' I automatically eat more fibre because I'm filling up on stuff like cabbage, salads, veg stir fries, and ratatouille (onions, tomatoes, aubergine, courgette, mushrooms, garlic, herbs). I eat limited brown rice and natural yogurt, and eggs and sardines.

It's only rubbish if you gorge on red meat, cheese and butter, surely?

Apologies for how bloody boring this post of mine is.

Junkmail Fri 18-Jan-19 00:06:08

Anyone who doesn’t eat enough fibre on a low carb diet isn’t doing it right.

justforareply Fri 18-Jan-19 00:12:51

What junk said
For me low carbing is filling my plate with green veg in place of rice, potatoes etc

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