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Anyone else doing WW?

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cavycavy Sat 12-Jan-19 08:42:14


I have 4.5 stone to lose (at least, to be honest!). I'd like to lose half of this by June.

I signed up to WW a few days ago because they had a good deal on. I've done SW on and off for 20 years and have lost 4 stone in the past, but I then started slacking off (massively), had a baby, PND, medication etc and now I'm in the weird head space with SW and just can't stick to it. I also bloody hate the classes and going to them feels like a chore.

So WW online feels like a fresh start. A new points system so I can't assume I know the points (like I used to with SW), its a bit more restrictive too which I need.

The phone app is really good. Waaaaay better than the SW one, it hasn't yet scanned anything it doesn't recognise. The website though, is a bit annoying. Lots of recipes to choose from but if I want to search the point value of a product (say when my phone is charging) it seems to have a very small database and only shows me the 4 nearest matches (yet the database when you scan on the phone seems massive and very accurate... odd!).

Anyway, I won't let this deter me.

Who's with me?

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Twisique Sat 12-Jan-19 17:41:13

Me! grinI would like to lose a stone over January and February. I don't know if I want to do it online or meetings though. I did ww years ago and really liked it but I had a book to follow.

BurningTheToast Sun 13-Jan-19 08:34:55

Me. I felt the need to taken matters in hand and joined last week (again) after taking DS back to university. I also have a lot to lose.

I agree the phone app being better than the website and I don't like their Connect thing, but the system itself seems pretty good.

Had a sneaky peek this morning and I'm 2.5lbs down thus far. WI on Wednesday.

cavycavy Sun 13-Jan-19 15:02:15

Cool! Hey WW buddies!

My weigh in day is Monday.

I’m struggling to keep within my points simply because initially I didn’t quite understand the weekly points. For my whole first day I thought the weekly allowance was literally all I’d have all week and so was really strict only eating from the zero points list. I felt incredibly deprived (obviously) and then I realised the daily points refreshed every single day. Doh!!

Since then I have been a bit stupid from time to time, eating things first and working out the points after. Rookie error!

I’ve just had my coil out and feeling very hormonal and hungry, but having watched “shut in” this morning I am feeling determined!!

But! The big thing is that I have resisted so many temptations this weekend that I would normally cave in on, so all in all it is helping with self control!

Next week

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Rhynswynd Thu 17-Jan-19 05:27:48

I have been on ww for a year online.
But, following a new baby, pnd, and medication changes, I just couldn't care less about it.
Now though, I am on good meds and in a whole new space and started going to group meetings last night. I am prepared to make this a year to make a difference to how I feel physically and mentally.

I am excited to see the new direction ww is going and to be part of it.

FiveShelties Thu 17-Jan-19 07:56:42

Me --- done two weeks and lost 4.5 pounds. Did not lose anything in the first week - stayed the same, but that was lucky! Was much better second week and lost the 4.5 pounds. I love the app and hope to lose 13 pounds before holiday first week March.

cavycavy Thu 17-Jan-19 12:18:25

I might actually go to the groups. Historically I have always found SW unbearable, but maybe WW groups are better?

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