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Weekends are so hard!

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PizzaPlanet Fri 11-Jan-19 22:02:32

Anyone else feel the same? I’ve got weekdays at work nailed but come Friday night I absolutely crave a take away and some wine. Also my typical weekend usually involves lots of eating out. I feel as though I’ve nothing to look forward to and feel ashamed that I can only enjoy myself when booze and unhealthy food is involved. How do I get through this- it’s only the second weekend on my diet!

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BF888 Fri 11-Jan-19 22:34:05

Sometimes the worst thing to break is habit. I don’t “diet” and I’m a healthy eater. But I’ve not always been! I decided to change lifestyle completely as for me that was easier, I also don’t have dairy which really eliminates a lot of foods.

You can eat out and still eat healthy food, if you fancy something a little indulgent then just go for a smaller portion or a side. Without going to deep as I obviously don’t know you, with you saying you have nothing to look forward to and feel you enjoy yourself with booze or food, there maybe an emotional reason as to why you go for alcohol and food for enjoyment. If you look into maybe what that could be and then work on it you may find you no longer feel like that or atleast enjoy some food or alcohol guilt free.

I’m now self employed but when I use to work for someone, I didn’t enjoy the job and I would always go and spend my lunch gorging on sugary foods. Not healthy at all, I also didn’t feel I need to lose weight as I was a 8/10. When I left I no longer ate like that and naturally looked more radiant and had so much more energy.
I am into health and wellness so I’m probably a little geeky and I’m always reading up on things and then put it into action. I know it’s not Easy but try not to be so hard on yourself!

If you are struggling I saw Paul McKenna on This Morning yesterday, it will probably Be on catch up and he gave an exercise to do for more healthy eating habits, he used an example for those who eat excess chocolate but you can do it for anything.

GroovieGazelloo Sun 13-Jan-19 17:13:32

Hi, I am also on my second week of losing weight. I know what you mean about going through the week ok and feeling that weekends are about " celebrations". confused
That's why I'm on this thread now.
How's it going Pizz ?
I'm doing my best here. So far , so good. I'm definitely finding it more difficult to not go and have a nibble right now than during the week. I'm really trying to wait for my evening meal.
Any one else in the same boat 🚣‍♀️ smile?

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