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Can't stop eating

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golddustwomen Wed 09-Jan-19 16:28:33

I can't stop eating. I'm getting bigger and bigger 🙁 the way my body is making me feel is just making me eat more! I am definitely an 'emotional eater' feel completely depressed and stuck in a rut.

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MissConductUS Wed 09-Jan-19 19:44:51

One thing that helps me is to strictly track calories in an app. I use Loseit but myfitnesspal is very similar. If I know an indulgence is going to blow up my budget for the day it's much easier to say no.

Honeyroar Wed 09-Jan-19 19:47:52

You don't necessarily have to stop eating, just swop what you're eating for healthier things. Keep a diary - it makes you feel good seeing that you've done well and avoided rubbish and snacks.

coolcrispwinter Wed 09-Jan-19 19:51:43

Try and things to treat yourself that are absolutely consuming but don't involve food. Only eat your main meals each day.

You could try: watching something on tv or YouTube, reading an unputdownable book, having a nice bath, trying out new makeup / beauty treatments, starting a new hobby such as sewing, painting, running or swimming, try meditation, sorting out and arranging things in your house,

Singlenotsingle Wed 09-Jan-19 19:52:42

Bodies think a famine is on the way and they've got to stock up just in case.

golddustwomen Wed 09-Jan-19 19:56:28

Thank you for all your replies. I like the idea of writing down everything I eat that day.
I just feel like I can't even go into the kitchen to do my dcs dinner or make a glass of water without opening the snack drawer. Then I feel disgusting so I think sod it I'll eat ten more of whatever I just ate.

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coolcrispwinter Wed 09-Jan-19 19:57:06

We can burn that fat though. It's there as a longer term (than glycogen stored in muscles) energy store for us to use so we don't have to constantly eat. Fat has a purpose.

coolcrispwinter Wed 09-Jan-19 19:59:45

How about you have something healthy planned to eat when you are cooking? Or brushing your teeth before cooking might work. You might not feel like eating so much if your mouth feels fresh and minty.

coolcrispwinter Wed 09-Jan-19 20:01:16

And don't have a snack drawer. No one needs one. Give that food away.

AnotherDIYSunday Wed 09-Jan-19 20:35:33

The last few months (and a few other times in my life), I've been stuck in a similar vicious cycle of constant snacking, junk food cravings and over-eating. I found it very difficult to reign myself in, so decided more drastic measures were needed to reset my habits and palate.

I'm on day 5 of my water fast now, all cravings and 4 kilos gone and I don't even feel particularly hungry. Once I go back to eating again, it should be a lot easier to stay away from the carbs and eat sensibly.
I realise that it sounds a bit extreme, but find fasting really helpful for an "all or nothing" type of person like me and it has a lot of health benefits (google Dr. Jason Fung).

halfwitpicker Wed 09-Jan-19 21:09:35

What do you eat?

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