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advice about preparing kids food and not nibbling on it!

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fluffums Sat 05-Jan-19 23:11:44

I really struggle with being a parent and its impact on my eating habits.

I have to make 100% of meals and snacks.
DD is very fussy and likes very plain foods (starchy carbs are often on the menu) and it's inevitable that I have to have things like bread in the house. If it were just me I wouldn't even have this in the house!

I struggle with
- certain types of foods for my child being about and tempting me (bread, cake, snacks etc)
- frequency of being around, preparing food and snacks for DD (triggers hunger even when I am not hungry)
- eating DDs leftovers
- we eat at different times (LP and it's often just easier than to eat together)

I just wondered if anyone in similar situation has any tips?? Obviously I try my best to give DD a balanced and healthy diet but as she is so fussy sometimes carbs and so on are unavoidable as part of it. sad

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J008 Sat 05-Jan-19 23:17:21

Oh it’s a temptation alright isn’t it! I’m not sure there is a magic wand but a couple of things I do:
- make sure I am ‘full’. Even if it’s a lot of water or (I’m on LL so just had a pack) to take the edge off of it before preparing
- then leftovers quickly get thrown and plates covered in fairy liquid!
- I also try to avoid buying my absolute favourites (which arnt the same as theirs fortunately) so that it’s slightly less tempting
- I make just enough for extra bits lying around.

That’s the hardest part of have to eat and can’t hide away from it...temptation everywhere but your will power will get stronger and cravings less over time.

Good luck!!!

fluffums Sat 05-Jan-19 23:31:39

thank you so much J008 some great ideas there.
I always end up making too much for DD dinner. The times I don't - guess what - leftovers, from DD being fussy and I hoover it up!! Annoying! but yes keeping the normal portions down a bit would be a great idea... and some other good ones there as well.

I must have some sort of willpower experiment trying to build my willpower up somehow! Put tempting food on a plate and see how long I can last! Put food in the bin even though I want to eat it, that sort of thing.

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shalll Sat 05-Jan-19 23:34:49

I know the answer to this one!

When I cook a meal for the DC I make a lot of veggies. Serve up full meals for them and for myself a plate of veggies (if I'm eating with DH later). That way we do eat together plus they witness vegetables being eaten (hoping it will rub off..).

Any non-vegetables they leave go straight in the bin / Tupperware as appropriate.

Still have to resist temptation though...

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