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Breastfeeding - can I also loose weight?

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Elizabeth2019 Sat 05-Jan-19 09:28:12

So my LO is 8 weeks old and is breastfed, but I’ve suddenly found I’m putting on weight! Am now 2-3kg heavier than the day after I left hospital. I am dubious about trying to calorie restrict due to supply issues and I wouldn’t want to impact BF at all. I am eating fairly healthy (porridge, fish, veg and the odd chocolate if I want to) and doing 2 mile walks every other day but could I be doing more and maintain supply? I did get various criticisms from my MW early on for my body shape (I was fairly lucky and lostmy bump almost immediately) as she assumed I must be calorie restricting - I really don’t! I just hate seeing the rolls on my tummy, I know they’ll take time to loose but I’d like to start before I have to go back to work. Anyone else in a similar position?

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Dimsumlosesum Sat 05-Jan-19 09:31:12

My first born wanted milk CONSTANTLY - He couldn't breastfeed so I had to pump- 30 mins every 2 hours morning and night, 24 hours, for the first 6 months. I was burning about 500 calories or so just from the breastfeeding and ended up being my lowest weight since I was little. My second two didn't eat as much so I didn't pump or feed as much and didn't loose the same weight.

Orlande Sat 05-Jan-19 09:34:33

Yes, I lost a couple of stone while breastfeeding. I did slimming world and they have a specific breastfeeding plan where you eat extra carbs and dairy. It's basically unrestricted veg, fruit, rice, pasta, lean meat, eggs & fish and restricted junk so no effect on supply.

Orlande Sat 05-Jan-19 09:35:37

I wish I'd done it with my first babies actually because I put on loads of unnecessary weight while breastfeeding them.

SayNoToCarrots Sat 05-Jan-19 09:37:06

I feel breastfeeding helped me to lose weight. I just ate normally. Second time around tho I did have to do the school run so walked 3.5 miles every day.

Waitingonasmiley42 Sat 05-Jan-19 09:39:47

I didn't lose much until I really increased my exercise. As soon as I started properly exercising (6-10 mile runs 5 times a week and weights) I could eat what I wanted and the weight fell off.

Elizabeth2019 Sat 05-Jan-19 09:40:38

I don’t seem to be burning off the extra calories as loads of other mums seem to be, so I think I need to be more proactive. If weight watchers has a plan I should try to start it shortly, don’t want massive losses but I’ve still got over a stone to loose (preferably nearly 2 stone to fit my nicer clothes)!

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