Help DP gain weight

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BreevandercampLGJ Tue 22-Jan-19 05:05:24

I am too thin, and in fact borderline scrawny due to the cancer diet.

For breakfast I have a good sized medium banana, any multivitamins I want to take, and then 100g of Whole Earth crunchy peanut butter 600 calories (without really trying) all whizzed up in unsweetened almond milk. Bish bash bosh.

You can add a kiwi skin on without the ends if any roughage is required.

Blondie1984 Tue 22-Jan-19 03:04:11

What sorts of things does he eat right now? What’s a typical day?

FlagFish Mon 21-Jan-19 20:05:27

My DH is 6'3" and weighs 11 stone. He's skinny but perfectly healthy. Maybe yours is similar?

Rubusfruticosus Mon 21-Jan-19 19:46:21

Is he underweight for his height?

Gwenhwyfar Sun 20-Jan-19 20:34:10

Does he want to put on weight? Some people prefer to be skinny?
Otherwise, the advice is obvious isn't it. Eat more and eat high calorie foods. Graze boxes, muselies, dried fruit are healthy, but high in calories. Look at advice given to seriously ill people, things like having cream in everything.

Whatabloodymessthisis Fri 04-Jan-19 22:24:45

Sorry if this is in the wrong place.

My DP has always been thin, very thin. If I had a £ for every time someone told me I need to feed him up I could give up work and buy a yacht. Believe me I’ve tried. As he gets older it’s becoming increasingly noticeable and he’s just not filling out the way most men do in their late 20s/early 30s.

He is extremely bony and his appetite isn’t great. He works in a outdoorsy but sedentary job however in the summer he does extra work which is extremely hard going and intense.

He works 60 hours per week including travelling and also works one day at the weekend so doesn’t have time to try and bulk up in the gym.

Any thoughts or tips?

Thanks smile

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