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What’s app group for those wanting to lose 3 stone plus

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NYNewMe Tue 01-Jan-19 22:43:39

Hi all following on from other thread I’ve started a what’s app group called 3 stoners.
There are 3 places left - if you have 3 stone or more to lose, then please pm me your number and I’ll add you to the group

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NoShelfElf Tue 01-Jan-19 22:51:13

I'd love to join please! Not a regular, bear with me while I figure out how to pm blush

NoShelfElf Tue 01-Jan-19 22:56:02

Not figured out the pm thing yet, but I'm on the app on my phone. Hopefully I won't miss the boat on this and will figure it out in the morning. Thanks!!

bella1426 Wed 02-Jan-19 04:37:19

Also interested if you can hold a space! Need to get onto laptop in the morning to send a PM

Zoflorabore Wed 02-Jan-19 04:46:45

Me please smile I'm desperate to lose weight. Have also got fibromyalgia and I'm in constant pain so it's potentially life changing for me.

This is embarassing as I've been helping my 15yr old ds with his weight loss journey.
From February 2018 until now he has lost 5st 8lb doing SW and I've done all of his cooking and not followed the plan myself.

NoShelfElf Thu 03-Jan-19 09:22:09

@NYNewMe did you get my pm? Thanks for finding me grin

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