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Team RH fitness

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FatGirlWithChocolate Tue 01-Jan-19 09:21:07

Can anyone tell me exactly what you get if you sign up for this? Did it work for you, how did it help and was it worth it? Thank you.

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SoleBizzz Wed 02-Jan-19 20:28:02

I might join soon. People rave about his method. Intriguing. Not much money per month I think.

SoleBizzz Wed 02-Jan-19 20:28:17

He loves SW lol

pontiouspilates Thu 03-Jan-19 14:56:35

I'm a member. This is second time round for me as it all seemed such a faff first time. I've really got my head around it now. Basically, they work out your daily calorie allowance - these calories are split into hitting your targets for protein, carbs, fat and fibre. No food is 'off limits' as long as it fits your macros. You are required to walk 1500 steps a day - but you can choose fewer steps and this will adjust your calorie allowance accordingly. I find them really supportive and helpful, there is no pseudoscience, just eat less, move more but make sure you are eating enough of the key nutrients to keep you feeling well. I sometimes struggle to eat my calorie allowance, so that can take a while to get your head around!

noodlenosefraggle Thu 03-Jan-19 16:13:42

1500 steps or 15000?

pontiouspilates Thu 03-Jan-19 18:52:11

Whoops sorry 15000!

doughnutcraver Wed 09-Jan-19 10:42:55

I’m very interested too.
Do they tell you to eat your calories that you burned off from walking/exercising.
Do you have to exercise?

pontiouspilates Wed 09-Jan-19 16:39:54

No you don't get to eat back cals from exercise. At the moment, your calorie allowance is worked out on, among other things, walking 15000 steps per day. They are about to launch an App where you can put in a more realistic daily step goal and it will amend your calorie allowance accordingly. You don't have to exercise above and beyond the daily steps but there are lots of good HIIT routines you can do.
It takes a while to get round macros etc, but I am enjoying it and feel it's sustainable. Once you reach target they have a 'reverse diet' to get you to a stage where you can maintain that weight.

FatGirlWithChocolate Wed 09-Jan-19 19:00:39

Thank you very much.

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doughnutcraver Thu 10-Jan-19 08:45:49

I’m going to try it thanks for reply.

pontiouspilates Thu 10-Jan-19 22:19:28

Good luck!

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