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How much weight have you put on over Christmas?

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MrsCar Sat 29-Dec-18 10:07:46

I weighed myself this morning and am disgusted to be up 6 pounds.

I wouldn't mind, but I was being really 'good' and careful until around the 22nd of December or so, so just over a week ago hmm

Diet starts today envy (not envy)!

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Bigonesmallone3 Sat 29-Dec-18 10:11:15

Iv gained about 2lb.. Iv just entered my second trimester so i am back to the weight I was when I first found out I was pregnant..

MrsCar Sat 29-Dec-18 10:33:12

Congratulations smile

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EdWinchester Sat 29-Dec-18 10:37:07

I’m scared to weigh myself!

I have slobbed out and eaten and drunk too much for 4 days solid.

Mainchanger Sat 29-Dec-18 10:38:05

5lb (so far!). I'm not at all surprised though. I've lost 5.5 stone over the last 18 months, this week I haven't given any thought to what I've eaten and just had what I wanted. It'll shift again.

MrsCar Sat 29-Dec-18 10:38:57

I know the feeling you EdWinchester, but it was the wake up call that I needed.

It was worth it, as long as it comes off as quickly as it went on 😭

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Jocasta2018 Sat 29-Dec-18 11:03:19

I was ill all over Xmas due to vertigo. Threw up solidly for 24hrs & even with anti-nausea drugs, I didn't eat for 4 days in total only Lucozade. Have lost 4 lbs so at least there is a good side to a completely ruined Xmas....

MrsCar Sat 29-Dec-18 11:17:31

Oh no, I hope you're feeling better now Jocasta2018

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Screamqueenz Sat 29-Dec-18 11:40:39

2lbs up, which won't take long to shift off again, I've enjoyed Christmas, but struggling to get DH back on track.
We've a ham in the fridge and he's suggesting a pasta carbonara, I'm going with ham and salad....

Jocasta2018 Sat 29-Dec-18 12:04:12

Still whirling around a little and still going down stairs on my bum but I'm getting used to it now it's easing. I'm even eating mince pies so I might end up with a post-Xmas weight gain...!

PoisonousSmurf Sat 29-Dec-18 12:10:17

I actually lost weight! But only because I could hardly eat due to an upper molar extraction on the 21st.
Only started to get better on the 25th, and even then I had to mash the turkey dinner!
Didn't eat for over 24 hours the first day.
I'm sure I'm going to put on loads for new year grin

DavetheCat2001 Sun 30-Dec-18 12:22:51

I'm too scared to weigh myself too!

My weight has been sliwly creeping up since our summer holiday in August, and a combination of factors have meant I've not been running and drunk too much wine.

I am pretty sure I've put on at leat 6lbs this month, but will brave the scales tomorrow morning.

One last bliw out tomorrow eve with friends and then I'm Dry Januarying and getting back into running.

Want to be back at 9 stone 6 by the end of Jan.

DottyDotAgain Sun 30-Dec-18 12:27:25

4lbs for me... lost 2.5 stone last year, with another 2.5 stone to go - so I need to get back on track very quickly..!

DavetheCat2001 Sun 30-Dec-18 12:31:17

Actually have just decided that There is no good reason not to start back on the healthy eating today.. enjoy ourselves tomorrow evening and then back on it on Tuesday.

We were planning to get a curry this eve as currently driving back from inlaws in the Midlands to London and have nothing much foodwise in.

But have decided to stop at shop en route home and get some salmon fillets amd salad for dinner tonight instead 😇

It'll be nice actually to eat something that isn't carby or roast-related for a change!

whatsthecraic91 Sun 30-Dec-18 12:46:10

Weighed myself this morning and I have 7lb on - I nearly cried. In the last year I have about 2 stone on. The new regime starts on the 2nd.

DavetheCat2001 Sun 30-Dec-18 17:11:58

Ok..I'm home and have braved the scales..amazingly I seem to have only put on about 4lbs, so I'm feeling slightly elevated by that and have decided we are going to have a curry to celebrate blush

cadoth Sun 30-Dec-18 17:14:21


Dottydoodoo Sun 30-Dec-18 20:47:12

I weighed myself on Friday and had gained 2ib - I lost 8 before Christmas so not too bad I know I can lose it again.

However, I have probably gained the remaining 6ibs today, I have eaten so. much. food.

I will be back on track for calorie counting on Jan 2nd, no point on the 1st as I am at work all day (nhs) and there is bound to be food everywhere

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