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Losing weight whilst TTC/pregnant this year

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BuffaloCauliflower Sat 29-Dec-18 01:09:01

Anyone in this boat and want to join me?

We’ve been tentatively TTCing for a couple of months but going ‘properly’ from Jan. I have a 26 day cycle but generally ovulate around day 14 so should be on from my end, except I am fat. Not really fat, but around a BMI of 29, on a 5”2 body, so really need to lose weight and want to be healthy for my baby.
There’s a bit of my brain that says ‘we’ll you’d just get fat being pregnant anyway, so what’s the point’ but I know the science doesn’t back that up when it comes to health. It also may welll take me a while to get pregnant, so any weight lost in the interim is a bonus. The NHS also suggests overweight women should only put on 15-25lbs during pregnancy, so even if I get pregnant sensible weight loss is still a good idea.

Any other women TTCing and also hoping to lose weight for their health in 2019 - please join me

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BuffaloCauliflower Sat 29-Dec-18 12:29:45

Hopeful bump?

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WatchingTheWheels85 Sat 29-Dec-18 12:34:19

Hi can I join you smile. I'm 34 (almost) and am on my second cycle ttc #5! I'm the same height as you and would like to shift 2 stone taking me from 10st to 8st. I usually swim a mile a day and do an hour in the gym 5 days a week but have not gone in 3 weeks as it's been so hectic. I'm also vegan (lifelong for the animals). I'm just planning on fasting usually do omad and it works for me. Will be great to have someone to talk to!

sw2102 Sat 29-Dec-18 12:37:19

I'll join you! My height and bmi stats are the same as yours. TTC our second child atm. I did lose twenty pounds before TTC DD1. Put thirtyish on when pregnant then lost all of that and a bit more with breast feeding..but now I'm 15 pounds up... so almost back to where I was before I lost any weight which is v.depressing! I'm telling myself I am either getting thinner or pregnant not just fat, as soon as this Christmas time is over. I am terrible at dieting though, don't have much time or inclination to exercise and my DD is an early riser which means I am tired and turn to quick fix snacking so I probably need to be a bit more positive and organised if I am to achieve anything! Maybe we can push each other along!

BuffaloCauliflower Sat 29-Dec-18 12:45:04

Hi both! I’m 31 and TTC #1 so a bit of worry there in case I can’t... even more reason to be as healthy as possible. Haven’t weighed myself since the beginning of Dec and I won’t until the 2nd when I’m back to work, but I would guess I’m about 11 and a half and would like to be 9 and a half, though I’ve got not seen that in a long while!

Not going to do too much ‘dieting’ but focusing on mainly plant based and eating for gut health, aiming for around 1200-1350cals a day logging on my Fitbit (this is a perfectly adequate amount for someone with my height and activity level) and getting at least 10,000 steps a day. DP luckily on board too luckily.

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sw2102 Sat 29-Dec-18 12:51:05

Im 29.. hopefully at 31 all will be well still! I reckon I am probably 11 and a half too though also haven't weighed myself in a while.. I was 9 and 3/4 nearly 5 years ago when I got married but thats a distant memory! You both are much more active than me so maybe this will be motivating! I need to dig my samsung gear out (like a fitbit) and hope it still works..not worn it since DD1 came as it was in the way with feeding her and then I just haven't put it back on..would be good to count steps again. My DH is supportive of my decisions but will continue to waltz around eating things I shouldn't have so I don't expect much practical help there!

WatchingTheWheels85 Sat 29-Dec-18 12:51:58

Where abouts are you both in your cycle? I'm cd21 of a 28 day cycle. I ovulate early though got my static smiley on cb on cd11.
I'm starting fresh with my healthy eating on monday.

sw2102 Sat 29-Dec-18 13:10:33

CD45... waiting for AF tbh.. cant let myself believe its anything else..! I have v long cycles and get my hopes up too much. AF came on CD49 last 'month' so can't be getting ahead of myself. I used the opks when ttc DD1 but never got a static smiley only flashing so haven't yet bothered this time. Took me 9 months to conceive last time.. was so frustrating at the time though in the end it all timed perfectly so I am trying to be more relaxed this time..haha!

BuffaloCauliflower Sat 29-Dec-18 13:18:01

I’m definitely not active! Mostly sitting and an office job, I was working from home this year and hardly moved which hasn’t helped. But now I’m back working in an office I’ll get around 8000 steps from my commute and walking around between trains etc, if I make sure I do a lunchtime walk I can get it up, and hopefully some weekend walks with DP and a friend as well.

I’m currently CD3 and AF is here. My cycle is 26 day’s on average so I’ll be ovulating around the 8th. I’m usuign Natural Cycles and taking daily BBT, I have a very weak bladder and can never hold my wee long enough to get positive OPK, so that’s my best bet. We’re going for DTD every other day as a minimum from Monday, we usually have sex 2-3 times a month so whilst it’s lovely to have more sex it makes it feel quite ‘on purpose’.

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WatchingTheWheels85 Sat 29-Dec-18 13:23:21

I went with dtd every day from cd5 then twice a day from static for 2 days. I'm out this cycle though have my usual signs of a spotty chin and hot flushes.

BuffaloCauliflower Sat 29-Dec-18 13:45:13

Isn’t it frustrating how period symptoms and pregnancy symptoms are basically the same? My period signal is always really heavy and uncomfortable boobs, but that’s also a pregnancy symptom so I get my hopes up ☹️

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BuffaloCauliflower Sat 29-Dec-18 13:47:48

Going to start thinking properly about food from the 2nd when I’m back to work. We’ve done a Gousto order for the 6th as they’re really helping DP with his cooking skills and confidence, but helps to not have to think too much about what we need to buy, and they have calorie counts on them to help keep track

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WatchingTheWheels85 Mon 31-Dec-18 10:32:36

My diet has well and truly kicked off because I can't eat thanks to neuralgia sad. I'm waiting on dh coming home with ingredients for detox water. How's everyone getting on?

Hangingtrousers Mon 31-Dec-18 10:41:05

TTC number 3 but just got on the scales and I'm massive.
Move more eat less. Well that's the plan.

WatchingTheWheels85 Mon 31-Dec-18 10:54:44

Detox water made

BuffaloCauliflower Mon 31-Dec-18 11:52:41

Welcome new joiners. I’m starting from Wednesday when I’m back at work because there’s still been so many eating and drinking events to get through (big family, every day for the last 8 days now...) I’m really craving veg!

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sw2102 Mon 31-Dec-18 11:59:37

Walked whilst pushing my DD today and actually realised how much I missed it as I haven't taken her out in the pram for about ten days... I've been letting family members who want to have a go and enjoying resting or watching TV! Felt like I had done some exercise, though being realistic, a thirty min pram walk isn't really going to make any difference but.. small steps! I am also not starting bang on tomorrow as I have a few more events to get through as well.

BuffaloCauliflower Mon 31-Dec-18 14:51:38

Well done SW - every little bit WILL make a difference, they all add up. Have you got a Fitbit? I find them really helpful to motivate getting a move on

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TheLovleyChebbyMcGee Mon 31-Dec-18 14:59:15

Being a healthy weight will increase your chances of conceiving apparently. I had a bmi of 40 when I became pregnant. I only put on 7 kg the whole pregnancy and was back to my booking weight the day I got home from hospital!

I got into my old jeans immediately too, although stitches made them unbearable for few more weeks. Size 22, but was fairly active before and throughout my pregnancy.

But, it's different for everyone. I've felt I've put more weight on since having DS as I've been less active and feeling more shit, so it's swings and roundabouts really!

BuffaloCauliflower Tue 01-Jan-19 13:25:43

Right. 1st of January 2019 starting stats.

I am 11st 10lbs, the heaviest I’ve ever been. At 5”2 this gives me a BMI of 30 - making me obese. No more will I see this number. I want to be healthy for me and the baby we will hopefully make this year.

Aiming for 70,000 steps a week, roughly calorie counting to 1300-1400 a day, focusing on lots of plants and whole grains for fullness and gut health. I’m pescarian but lean towards vegan so soya milk etc. Will track using Fitbit which reckons I can reach my goal of 9st 7lbs in May losing 1.5lbs a week.

This is doable right? Hoping to use this thread for accountability.

I’m also CD6, I should ovulate early next week we’re going for sex as close to every day as possible - that’ll help the weightloss right?!

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sw2102 Tue 01-Jan-19 13:55:28

Weighed myself today.. 11st 7. 5ft2. Still waiting for AF.. did a test this morning as I couldnt stop myself.. negative as I thought it would be. Need to focus on eating as well as I can but still enjoy the social things I am attending until I can start properly. Made the decision to try and cut out all bread from now as when I have it in the house I eat too much of it.

WatchingTheWheels85 Tue 01-Jan-19 14:38:01

AF is due for me on the 6th I'm feeling bloated and miserable as I usually do beforehand. My face is still in agony with neuralgia so not much eating for me which helps smile

MuddyElephant Tue 01-Jan-19 18:18:36

Hi ladies, can I join too please? Been TTC #1 since March. Started off with a healthy BMI after loosing weight but a stressful end of the year has seen me put a lot back on blush and I hate the way I look again. Recently moved and will be walking further with my commute than before, so hoping being more active and cutting out the treats will get me back on track. Doing dry Jan too

WatchingTheWheels85 Tue 01-Jan-19 18:33:29

Hi @MuddyElephant let's hope we can all come back to this thread this time next year either with babies or pregnant smile. I'm back to the pool and gym on monday cannot wait.

SBDB Thu 03-Jan-19 14:27:56

Hi I’m a bit late to the party but may I join please? I’m 5’4” and weigh 11st 5.5lb as of this morning. I am very fortunate to have my lovely son who is 8 months old but my dh and I are looking to conceive this year. I’d love to shift a stone before I get pregnant

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