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Lose a stone in the new year - who’s in?

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hooveringhamabeads Fri 28-Dec-18 20:21:26

I am determined to lose my last stone of baby weight in the new year. It will be the same year that my ‘baby’ turns 9 so it’s probably about time. I usually make the mistake of getting to about April, having a panic that it’s nearly summer and then half-arsedly losing a few pounds before it all goes tits up again in the summer holidays.

So! My plan is:

1) blood sugar diet for jan/Feb. Which obviously means no/very little booze.

2) couch to 5k (I have a friend who is similarly keen to do this so that will motivate me).

3) 30 day shred - never made it past the second stage before.

Who’s with me?

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Foreverlexicon Sat 29-Dec-18 07:45:06

Me! Well I want to lose about 25lb really but a stone is a good start.

I’m not going on a ‘diet’ though as they mess with my head. Just better choices as my general diet has turned crap recently. Need to actually start eating fruit and veg again 🤔 I was losing before Christmas but dread the idea of getting on the scales now.

I struggle a bit as work shifts so I need to be more prepared and meal prep on rest days so I can just grab and go. I’m not going to strictly calorie count but will aim for about 1200 on work days and a bit more relaxed on rest days.

I usually run once a week and do an aerial silks class once a week as well as ride my horse. I’m going to try and increase running to twice a week and my horse’s workload will increase in a couple of weeks so that’ll all help!

I ended a relationship earlier this year and initially lost a stone then put 2 back on. In the very early days of a new relationship and I feel very self conscious with this extra stone on so need to sort it out!

I’m already making better choices but worked over Christmas and technically starting today then have drinks and a takeaway planned with a friend for New Years so will officially start on New Year’s Day and weigh in on the 2nd but I’m not gonna continuously binge in between.

Oogle Sat 29-Dec-18 07:56:04

Me! I have a goal to lose 7lb by end of of February and the remaining 7lb by June.

I already go to the gym 3 times a week and lift weights so I’m going to add in couch to 5k alongside that.

My issue is my diet though. I eat poorly and drink too much alcohol so I’m ditching the booze unless we’re out for dinner (maybe once a month). I’m going to seek out some meal ideas tonight and meal plan weekly.

I’m heavier than I was a year ago which has really annoyed me. None of my clothes fit. It’s time to properly sort my act out.

Vinorosso74 Sat 29-Dec-18 08:01:25

I'm in! I'm not sure on my exact weight right now but if I can shift around a stone I will certainly look less "heavy".
I've not been to the gym for about 6 weeks so exercise will help! 5:2 worked for me in the past. I need to cut down on booze and sugar.

Pinotwoman82 Sat 29-Dec-18 08:03:46

Me too I want to lose a stone by July for my holiday. I do run but have been out of it for a month or so

LokiBear Sat 29-Dec-18 10:26:29

Me too. Id like to be a size 10 for our holiday in July. Currently a 12. I also need to start exercising for my own mental health and well being. I feel so down in the dumps atm but I can count the amount of meals Ive eaten this week on one hand. The rest of my calorie intake has come from crisps and chocolate.

shalll Sat 29-Dec-18 16:35:00

I'm in. I was on the "lose a stone by Christmas" thread and did it. I may have put some of it back on by now, hopefully not too much as I've been trying to be good over the festive period. Will weigh on Monday 7 Jan.

Estimated weight 70kg/11st, height 1.70m/5'7. Would love to get to 65kg.

The plan:

- continue to low sugar / low carb diet I was on pre-Christmas.
- exercise: 2-3 classes per week (HIIT type), 1-2 runs, 1 tennis, maybe 1 swim. So going big on exercise.

Summer bodies here we come!

BifsWif Sat 29-Dec-18 16:36:54


I’ve got exactly a stone to lose to be where I want to be. The same stone I’ve been trying to lose for years. Well, not really trying....fblush

I’m going to calorie count, meal planning is key for me. I’ve dug out my Hairy Dieters cookbooks and I’m going back to yoga and spinning.

TheBitchOfTheVicar Sat 29-Dec-18 16:37:40

I'd like to be in, please.

I'm currently 10 stone 3. Was 12 stone 1 until Easter, in a long history of yo-yoing.

I want to be down half a stone by the end of Feb, and then decide from there how I want to carry on.

I run a lot, but am greedy. Have lost the two stone so far using calorie counting and LCHP; I just need to keep on track.

hooveringhamabeads Sat 29-Dec-18 20:40:07

Just got back in from a busy day and thrilled to see I have some comrades! I think 7lbs by the end of feb is realistic, so I will join in with aiming for that.

I’m going all out on enjoying naughty things while I still can - today my diet has been a McDonald’s with full fat coke for lunch, then 2 doughnuts and a load of Prosecco for tea blush. This year is a lost cause now so I’m going to not worry about the last couple of days.

I’m so ridiculously unfit but meeting a friend for a 2 hour horse ride on exmoor tomorrow, hopefully that won’t completely cripple me as that will hinder my new year running efforts.

I’d ideally like to shift a stone by May, in my head that’s the start of summer. I’m 5’8” think I’m just over 10 stone and I’m a size 10-12 but have the annoying overhang with my jeans, and a pot belly from too much cider. Because I’m tall a stone doesn’t make a massive difference but to me it’s the difference between feeling like I look good in my clothes and not IYSWIM.

So weigh in on January 1st then?

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Simonsaysitschristmas Sun 30-Dec-18 08:44:56

Ooh can I join please! I have about 2.5 stone to go but would love support for the first one! I’m also really going to work on getting in a good routine with exercise and make sure I’m getting enough water throughout the day grin

shalll Sun 30-Dec-18 11:39:40

Hope the horse ride is good @hooveringhamabeads !

I'm off for a long ish run, heading out for about 45 minutes but won't obsess too much over speed.

Food here still far from ideal, will be with ILs until next Saturday. So I'm in damage limitation mode, made easier by the fact we get up so late we only tend to have two meals per day. Just had crisp bread, cheese and eggs for brunch, will try and stick to fish and veggies for dinner. I won't mention the chocolate in between...

TheBitchOfTheVicar Sun 30-Dec-18 14:07:27

I have been giving out as much food to other people as I can - took some biscuits over to a friend's this morning!

I have a race tomorrow and one on NYD - will weigh in on 1 Jan in the morning.

LokiBear Sun 30-Dec-18 17:06:04

As someone who formally had an eating disorder, im not going to weigh myself on Jan 1st. I know im a size 12 and larger than I want to be, I will wait a few weeks to weigh myself until Im back within my comfort range, otherwise I put myself in danger of negative thoughts/relapse. My plan is sensible, healthy eating and daily exercise. Im going to be using my Davina dvds.

hooveringhamabeads Sun 30-Dec-18 20:19:20

Of course you can join in @simonsays - the more the merrier!

Horse ride was great thanks, definitely blew the cobwebs away, but 2 hours ended up being more like 3 hours and my legs felt like chewed string by the end of it. Going to have a hot bath tonight to try and limit the damage and hope that I can still walk tomorrow grin.

Giving food away is a great idea @TheBitch, I was given ridiculous amounts of food and booze over Christmas, and despite my best efforts there’s no way it’s all going to be gone by new year :/

And completely understandable @Loki, sounds like you’ve got a good understanding of how to lose weight safely without going too far.

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Caggie09 Mon 31-Dec-18 07:50:31

Hello, ive done a couple of these threads before and they really help me!

Was 9st 5 about 6 months ago, now 10st 1. So i want a stone and 1lb gone. Starting a fresh today and i cant wait. Sick of eating crap and binging. What works for me is calorie counting and then id weigh on a Friday and have a treat. So just going back to that. Need to get back in the gym too!

Good luck and hello everyonegrin

rabbitmat Mon 31-Dec-18 07:53:01

I'm in. Too scared to weigh myself after Christmas so I will start with my pre Christmas weight of 10 stone 10.

hughjackmanswife Mon 31-Dec-18 08:02:30

I'm in!! Sadly I've got about two stone to lose - have really yoyoed since having DS three years ago. The winter is the worst I just seem to give up with healthy eating. I find it's good for me to have an incentive like a summer holiday to work towards... we've got two weeks in lanzagrotty to work towards at the end of July. However I really want this to be the year that it 'sticks' and becomes more of a lifestyle change rather than losing weight for a holiday. Good luck everyone!

Tiredemma Mon 31-Dec-18 08:19:49


I managed to lose 22lbs between jan/may 2018. Plan to ramp it up this year to shift the last 14lbs stubbornly clinging to my body.
My plan-
1.half marathon training involving running 3x a week
2. Kettlebells class 1 x a week
3. Follow principles of 8 week BSD ( but not be so calorie restrictive)

LokiBear Mon 31-Dec-18 10:26:59

I've just done a Tesco shop which will arrive Wednesday. I've planned our meals so the first pounds I have saved are £££. It makes such a difference when I sit and think about what I am buying. My breakfasts will consist of peanut butter on 1 slice of wholemeal/seeded toast and a fruit/veg smoothie. Lunch is roasted veg and quorn sausage cous cous and then dinner will be something sensible like homemade curry with mini naan instead of rice. I cant calorie count as I get obsessed, so I portion control instead. The only snacks allowed are fruit and veg. Alongside this, i'm going to do my Davina dvd every day. Come on ladies, we've got this!

hooveringhamabeads Mon 31-Dec-18 13:06:51

Welcome new recruits! I’ve seen a lot of people talking about the davina DVDs on here, are they good? I’m slightly concerned about jumping straight in with the shred as I’m so unfit and I know from previous experience that I will feel like I’ve been run over for the first few days. Any particular davina DVD good to start with?

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LokiBear Mon 31-Dec-18 13:09:01

I like the 7 minute fit and 5 minute fit ones. There are 10 short sections of between 7 and 10 minutes that you can do. On days when im struggling, I do one section and the stretch. On days when im stronger I do 3.

katmarie Mon 31-Dec-18 13:24:55

Can I join in? My ds is nearly one and I lost a lot of weight initially after having him but it has recently crept back on. I have three stone overall to lose I think (im a size 16, but at my smallest ive been a very happy size 12) but I'm taking it a bit at a time and just aiming for the first stone at the moment to make my clothes fit better.

My plan is cutting down a lot on booze, going to the gym next to my office more than once in a blue moon, and meal planning to make my food more balanced. Also no more McDonald's for lunch, healthy stuff from home instead. I'm having a last blow out today and then weighing myself in the morning...

shalll Tue 01-Jan-19 14:44:27

How's everyone going? My weigh in is on the 7th as we are still away for the rest of this week.

Went for my inaugural run of the year today! Skiing tomorrow and Thursday so hopefully that will be a good workout.

TheBitchOfTheVicar Tue 01-Jan-19 18:17:45

Weighed in at 10 stone 3 this morning.

Ran two 10k races back to back yesterday and today.

Feeling good - though ironically I have eaten more today than any other day over the Christmas period! Didn't drink or overeat yesterday as was running this morning - so have had some nice red wine and chocs. Still in calorie deficit though.

I have signed up for RED January. In between running am planning on walking and swimming as I don't want to overdo it. I have a 10k and a half marathon in the next two months, so plenty of work to be done!

Hope everyone has had a good day.

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