Would fruit smoothies help me lose weight?

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Eesha Thu 27-Dec-18 22:38:44

I want to make a dent in my weight and was thinking of shakes as a quick go to, but then thought would a healthy smoothie do the job too? Any thoughts, just for a few days to kick start any weight loss?

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TooMuch18 Fri 28-Dec-18 00:30:53

No. They are classed as junk food. Loaded with calories and sugar. Might me natural fruit sugar but still sugar.

You are better off eating the actual fruit.

AssassinatedBeauty Fri 28-Dec-18 00:34:57

Do you mean just having smoothies instead of a meal?

TooMuch18 Fri 28-Dec-18 00:39:05

Even so if it is fruit smoothie as a meal replacement I would imagine with the sugar hit you'll be hungry pretty quickly.

You'd be better off with protein or low gi food that will keep you full.

AssassinatedBeauty Fri 28-Dec-18 00:42:16

Yes, that's why they wouldn't be the same as a meal replacement drink. They don't contain a balance of proteins etc and would give you a sugar hit, a lot of calories and not much to actually fill you up.

You could try (very) low carb meals for 3 to 5 days, if you'd rather eat food than have just meal replacement shakes.

starzig Fri 28-Dec-18 00:50:16

Smoothie is better than juice, as you still retain the whole of the fruit. But a glass of water and piece of fruit will still be better for you and satiate you for longer

PenelopeFlintstone Sat 29-Dec-18 03:11:23

What if she added some peanut butter? or an egg? (not sure I'd like the egg but I've seen it on here before)
and by sugar hit - do you mean the banana and berries?

I make them for my teens - a cup of milk, a banana and a handful of berries. Is that bad? I thought I was giving them their two fruits and a serve of dairy! shock


endofthelinefinally Sat 29-Dec-18 04:15:27

Absolutely full of sugar.
Vegetables/salads would be much better.

malovitt Sat 29-Dec-18 08:34:47

Do you have a juicer? Maybe try the Jason Vale 3 day detox as it's quite fruit based to get you used to it. His longer plans are more vegetable based. The apps are on offer at 99p at the moment.

I did the 3 day one, felt great and lost 4lbs which kick-started me to go on to lose a considerable amount of weight.

He also does a blending plan as well if it's definitely smoothies/blends you're after or you don't have a juicer - I think the average weight loss is about 7lbs in a week if you follow his recipes.

mrbob Sun 30-Dec-18 23:25:33

If you go heavy on the spinach and use water with a dash of almond milk (banana or chia to thicken) then yes!

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