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Anyone on Lipotrim?

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auntypurple Tue 26-Jun-07 19:51:45

Just wondered if anyone here is on Lipotrim. I saw my doctor today who offered to refer me to weight watchers and gave me some forms to fill in. I think i I would do much better on a food replacment diet at least for a few months.
Just wondering what other people's doctors reacted to this? Also do you know if this is availible on the nhs to people on a low income.
Thanks for reading, and good luck to you in which ever diet your on

mandaxmx Tue 26-Jun-07 23:15:12

my mums has recently just come of lipotrim which she heard about off her doc...they was going to sent her to the hospital but she later went and searched online and found a chemist near by that done it for £3o a week you go weekely get weight and get your wee tested and pay every week for your weeks supply....if you have illnesses or are on alot of medication they do ask you for a letter from your doc just saying that its fine for you ...but its way better to find a chemist as my mum was told there was a 6month wating list at the hospital and then ontop of that it was double the price from the chemist...
my mum done it for 5 weeks and lost nearly 5 stone shes at the minute doing slimming world now and still loosing....
good luck with it if you get started xxx

Dabbles Fri 29-Jun-07 20:36:36

mandaxmx - surely u mean she did it for 5 months and lost 5 stone? not 5 weeks???

I was on it, but defected to cambridge diet after one week! cos there is much more variety. it costs about 3/4 pound more a week but is worth it!

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