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Bone broth

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SpikyHedgehogg Mon 24-Dec-18 14:34:22

Inspired by Michael Mosley extolling the virtues of bone broth I had a go at making some last week. Got a great batch from some chicken thighs. But I just can't stomach it. I used it (plus the chicken meat) to make a risotto which was just about palatable, but there's no way I could slurp it neat.

Am I right in thinking I could get some benefit if I just made more meal involving meat on the bone?

Or do some of you have some inspiration for how to get it down me? I read one person on the internet reckon she'd replaced her second daily cup of coffee with this gloop (mine was very thick and gelatinous).

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DoYouLikeBasghetti Mon 24-Dec-18 14:44:25

I make lovely vegetable soup with it. (Or any other kind of soup). Just drinking it neat would be grim!

Fuzzyend Mon 24-Dec-18 14:51:47

Thick and gelatinous is the best - it's like liquid gold! But not neat. Almost any kind of soup will be raised to another level by using decent homemade stock/broth.

One of the best things about Christmas is the turkey stock - it forms the basis of a healthy new year.

SpikyHedgehogg Mon 24-Dec-18 15:05:44

I'm not keen on soup - I don't even like hot drinks! But it sounds as though I'm ok using it as an ingredient in other meals.

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Letshopeitsallok Mon 24-Dec-18 17:41:04

Can’t help as I really like it as a drink. I dilute it with hot water add a little bit of salt and think it’s delicious!

If you don’t like soup, can you add it instead of water to things like spag Bol, chilli, etc. where the other flavours would disguise the taste.

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