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Best meal replacement for weight loss?

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Lozzateex Wed 19-Dec-18 14:07:21

I have a LOT of weight to loose after having my little boy. I don’t have a lot of free time, so Iv been looking at the meal replacement shakes that you have alongside a healthy meal a day. There’s far too many to choose from, has anybody given them a go, and more importantly had any success with them?

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DeniseEccy Wed 19-Dec-18 19:30:57

Hi Lozza,
I saw this( on Facebook today. Looks a little scammy but it has a few good reviews 🤔.
I'm looking for the same thing so will definitely be keeping an eye on this thread, especially coming up to Christmas 🍷🍷.
Good luck!!

WhatALearningCurve Wed 19-Dec-18 19:47:46

Protein World. I've tried loads of them and it's by far the best. I have them with soya milk and mixed in a blender to make them proper thick and most like a milkshake. Loads of different flavours and they do whole plans. I lost about 2 stone on them and got down to a size 10/12 from a 16. Currently pregnant but going straight back on them once I've given birth!

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