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Most effective weight loss tips

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pollywolfff Sat 15-Dec-18 11:10:55

Hey. Just looking for some quick and easy weight loss tips that work and have best results. Currently on new meds that are causing extreme weight gain.

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TheTroublesomestTribble Sat 15-Dec-18 14:22:08

Just eat less food. I know it sounds obvious, but there (usually) is no need to change what you eat, just have smaller portions.

You might need to also reconsider your expectations in relation to hunger - its a perfectly normal state to experience and nothing to be afraid of.

PanGalaticGargleBlaster Sat 15-Dec-18 14:49:33

Don’t eat the shite (cakes, biscuits etc) on offer in the office/work. That’s about 500 calories saved a day right there!

Northernmum100 Sat 15-Dec-18 14:55:52

I lost 3 1/2 stone on SW and have kept it off for 18 months so far. I avoid the artificial sweetener, dodgy cakes made out of carpet tiles and Muller lights but the principles work i.e. lean meat/fish, no processed stuff and at least a third of your plate should be veg/salad. Cut down on sugar and alcohol and there we go.

Good luck with whatever you do.x

Verbena87 Sat 15-Dec-18 15:00:04

I’ve got a number of friends who have found slimming world great.

My biggest weight loss was a result of acute depression and anxiety when a loved one was seriously ill. Weight absolutely fell off me and took ages to get it back on. Absolutely cannot recommend it!

And am now losing the last of my ‘baby weight’ 15 months post partum - still breastfeeding but now also running 3x a week, and since starting to run seriously again the last few pounds are melting.

Wingbing Sat 15-Dec-18 15:11:02

Eat less, move more.

Most diets fail in the end. Stick to just meals, no snacking.

Exercise regularly and reduce alcohol intake.

Jocasta2018 Sat 15-Dec-18 15:15:36

I've had fun with medication weight gain and find that these things help.

No junk food (bloody hard but necessary)
Smaller portions on a smaller plate
Calorie counting (I know it's never exact but I weigh things and try to aim for 1300-1400 a day)
Regular exercise - I find it keeps my appetite under control bizarrely

Talkinpeece Sat 15-Dec-18 15:19:02

No snacking
Eat two or possibly three meals a day and NOTHING at all in between.
Just water/ tea/ filter coffee (no fancy drinks)

Start every meal with a large glass of water
Much of what people think is hunger is thirst

Only let your food touch the flat part of the plate
So make your portions smaller or go out and buy 1970's glasses and plates

stand up more
When on the phone, tablet, whatever, stand up and move around rather than sitting

BentNeckLady Sat 15-Dec-18 15:19:08

Giving up drinking solved my weight problems.

Ceilingrose Sat 15-Dec-18 15:52:10

My number one tip is to develop a really enthusiastic and positive attitude to your new eating regime. Also what Northernmum said.

Eesha Tue 18-Dec-18 14:26:49

I bought a Mango water bottle so it forces me to drink 2L water a day. Halved the rice portion I'd usually cook but bulked up rest with mushrooms, carrots etc so a very special fried rice. Removed all goodies from online shop so there wasn't any temptation at home. Eat main meal at lunchtime, so I rarely eat anything in the evening at all, sort of the 12/8 diet

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