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My mind is still messed up from "dieting" - sorry this thread is a rant

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JustWingingLifeAsUsual Mon 10-Dec-18 07:28:12

I don't care what anyone else thinks but I think and believe that Slimming World is a diet. They think it isn't because you do not have to control your portions which I now know is bullshit! I followed it for over a year, lost weight on it and now my head is still messed up!

I decided to leave SW for good because I didn't like the way they was advocating stuff that are not even good for us. I also missed cooking homemade hearty meals and had enough of filling my food with sweeteners, passata and bloody frylight. My DS is 2 and he needs a proper meal with healthy fats so I decided to leave.

The only problem I am having now is I am scared of eating homemade food. I make it with a little bit of olive oil (then I stand there wondering if I will gain weight from it), as soon as I add flour, butter and milk to make a roux, my mind is in overdrive and then I decide to say that this meal is the most fattening and unhealthy meal I've ever made blush

I KNOW neither of them are true. What is making me gain weight is the crisps, chocolates and other junk food in between! I really, really need to get this fear out of my head that my homemade dinners will make me fat again. I have gained 5lb but that's because I went India so I did indulge a lot! I really need to get my head out of the SW bubble and move on with my life sad

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TubbsAndEdward Mon 10-Dec-18 07:40:06

I call it a cult grin
Have a look at No S diet or rebelfit I think it's called.

Keeponwalking Mon 10-Dec-18 12:45:52

Have a look online at what Jason Fung says about insulin and other hormones re weight gain/loss. It will make you feel better smile. Ive got a much healthier view of eating since watching it.

maxelly Mon 10-Dec-18 13:33:49

I absolutely agree with you that Slimming World is a 'diet' - i.e. an eating plan designed to help you lose weight. Anyone that says it isn't is mad IMO - clue's in the name! The trouble is that most people do need to follow some kind of 'diet' if they want to lose weight (those with a very high TDEE/BMR may get away with simply increasing exercise but I think that's quite a small number of people really.

The key really is in finding the 'diet' that works for you, i.e. allows you to eat food you enjoy at least some of the time, fits in with your lifestyle and doesn't make you feel anxious about consuming normal healthy foods in reasonable portions. It needs to be a plan you are (reasonably!) happy to follow for life, not just for the period while you lose weight. Plenty of people don't get on with SW (personally I didn't love it , but I would disagree that you have to use loads of frylight or sweetened yogurt to follow it- but I guess it depends on your group leader and their enthusiasm for those products, it is a low fat diet which I can see isn't easy when trying to cook for a toddler, although not many diets are suitable for a 2 year old to follow after all!) but that doesn't mean you are a lost cause for weight loss at all.

Cutting out the junk and having home cooked healthy dinners sounds like a good start, you might want to think about doing calorie reduction with MyFitnessPal or similar- this would certainly allow you to eat normal healthy dinners with your son and allows some treats etc. as well in small portions if this would help?

babysharkah Mon 10-Dec-18 13:34:44

Have a look at rebelfit.

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