I'm a celebrity rice and beans diet

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treesup Mon 10-Dec-18 20:16:02

Just because of jungle, the weight loss etc.

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JustWingingLifeAsUsual Mon 10-Dec-18 07:32:28


FATEdestiny Sun 09-Dec-18 22:41:06

You can do 700 calorie days eating much nicer stuff and include 5 veg a day. An example:

1/2 tin of blitzed up chickpeas as dip
2 peppers sliced
3 whole celery slices

Chicken breast + green leaf salad or green leaf steamed veg - 400cal

Lots of water to drink.

treesup Sun 09-Dec-18 20:02:41

So just 707 cals a day!!

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CryingMessFFS Sun 09-Dec-18 14:08:33

I’m tempted too

treesup Sun 09-Dec-18 14:06:52

Has anyone tried it?

Any tips.

Me and DH gonna do it this week I think.

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