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TheodoresMummy Sat 23-Jun-07 19:35:36

Hi all. I'd like to join you guys for chats on the good days and the not so good days .

I joined the gym in the new year, but haven't been going nearly enough to make a difference . To be honest it's taken a long time just to be able to walk in and do a workout without feeling like I stand out like a sore thumb .

Sooooo, now it's serious stuff. I want to lose 3 stone (I think, haven't weighed myself for a while, but still in the same clothes).

I intend on doing some exercise every day - dvd workout/gym/swimming. Also going to be really strict about what I eat and drink. To be honest I think I will just cut out fat, cut down on carbs and up the fruit and veg. Also cut right down on the vino.... Think I wil find this easier than finding an official diet to follow.

Monday is always a good day to start new things, so will have a few glasses of wine tomorrow night (this will be the thing I miss most) and then it's super healthy, slim, fit me HERE I COME !!!

Phew, worn out already......

maisemor Mon 25-Jun-07 12:31:53

Hi TheodoresMummy, have you started then? Are you motivated and ready to lose some weight?

I started this Saturday. We have cut out all the sweeties, biscuits, chocolates, sweeties, bread.

I did the detox after my daughter was born, and got back to normal, however after my son, we also moved abroad, and it kind of went up hill with the weight ever since.

I don't know how much I weigh, I just know that I used to be a size 12-14 and now I am 18 and not liking it. I think I need to lose around 20 kgs.

I try to walk or cycle to and from work/nursery as my exercise. We are going to try and introduce an evening walk for the whole family.

Today I have had lemon w/hot water, porridge with raspberries, water, True Life crackers, blueberries and a carrot. I am planning on having apple, pear and banana for lunch plus Ryvita.

In the evening we snack on popcorn (we have one of those great popcorn machines where you only use a tiny amount of oil), nuts, and dried fruit.

TheodoresMummy Tue 26-Jun-07 08:42:02

Maisemor - check out the thread titled 'Anyone want to join me in losing some weight'.

Lots of chat and support .

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