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I need your help please

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BoldComicSans Sun 02-Dec-18 10:42:11

I am a size 12, but have a mummy (cakes) tummy meaning I end up wearing size 14/16 tops.

I have an underactive thyroid which I take medication for and also suffer from anxiety and depression. I also emotionally eat / binge eat.

I rarely eat breakfast and lunch is usually crisps and junk. By tea time I'm starving and that's the time I eat emotionally so it's usually quick take away food, microwave meals due to time plus crap to munch on afterwards.

Yesterday was works Xmas do and I have never felt so down. My stomach looks as though I'm 8 months pregnant. Plus eating badly is making me feel generally rubbish.

Has anyone / is anyone had this issue? What diet suited you? Were you successful?

I'm on a tight food budget, and don't have much time or energy in the evening. But I really do need to do something.

Also, does going to the gym regularly help?

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Emmak789 Sun 02-Dec-18 19:26:42

Hi, I also have underactive thyroid and insulin resistance. A LCHF diet really helped me get my energy up and shift post pregnancy tummy.

Would you consider a high fat low carb diet? Its very hard to stick to in the beginning but after 6 weeks or so you lose the taste for sweet stuff and if you can stick to it the weight drops off. If you are breastfeeding then its not suitable but once baby is weaned its a great way to lose weight from hips and tummy. Go to dietdoctor website and have a read. If you are on a budget there are affordable options like eggs, cream cheese, full fat yoghurt. Also it helps if you shop at Lidl and Aldi as your money goes further. Also you will find you can survive on a lot less food as the fat has more calories in It so you will possible need less food.

Going on this diet really cleared up my skin and helped me shift the belly fat. Only problem is that I just couldn't stick to it forever as once I came out of media is and got the taste for carbs again I found it hard to get back to it. One thing has lasted, I can't tolerate the sweet stuff like cakes and would not be able to eat a whole cholate bar again.

Emmak789 Sun 02-Dec-18 19:29:05

Not media, ketosis* blasted autocorrect! 😀

BoldComicSans Sun 02-Dec-18 19:49:57

I was advised that ketosis is not advised for me currently due to my under active thyroid not at the correct manageable levels.

I was thinking... Porridge for breakfast. Then wrap for lunch with chicken, cucumber, lettuce. Then for tea salmon or chicken with mixed veg? Is that good or bad?

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mackers1 Sun 02-Dec-18 19:50:26

I am hypothyroid too so been struggling with weight maintenance for years despite gym religiously and calorie controlling. I am a size 12 too with bumps that are bigger than I would like.

I am now trying Slimming world and it is actually helping me lose weight, which I hope will start shifting the problem areas.

BoldComicSans Sun 02-Dec-18 20:16:45

I have tried slimming world in the past but found I was becoming obsessed with the syns.

It sounds really stupid but I get moody and angry when I cut out junk food. It's like I become jealous of others eating it. Similar to when I quit smoking cold turkey in a way.

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Emmak789 Sun 02-Dec-18 20:39:59

Junk food is addictive so it's tough to kick the habit

Letshopeitsallok Sun 02-Dec-18 21:12:23

Are you sure your emotionally eating at tea time? What would happen if you ate a nutritious breakfast and lunch and had a healthy meal ready to heat up for when you got home.
It could be that you’re hungry after eating crisps and junk for lunch and overeating to compensate.

I also find an afternoon snack of veg or fruit can stop me demolishing the fridge when I get in.

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