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Trying to shift last few pounds before xmas

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Linckeeley1984 Fri 30-Nov-18 11:37:03

Does anyone want to join my mission to lose some pounds (weight, the money’s already going fast enough) before Xmas?

I would like to lose 7lbs before 20th December but am lacking motivation. I exercise and that’s ok but this morning for breakfast it was a cereal bar and an apple pie.

So my hard work at the gym classes are for nothing.

Suggesting weekly weigh ins on here. Don’t have to say what you weigh if you don’t want to but just what you’ve lost to try and urge each other on.

Anyone up for the challenge?

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outreach29 Sun 02-Dec-18 06:50:34


11 stone 7

Have lost around 5lbs already and would love to lose a bit more before xmas. Eventually would like to get to 10 stone 7lbs as a final goal.

Your target of 7lbs in 3 weeks sounds ambitious to me! How are you doing last couple of days?

Linckeeley1984 Sun 02-Dec-18 11:14:23


I think I had 5 choc bars on Friday.

I’m really going to try hard from tomorrow.

I’m going to weigh myself on Mondays and Fridays.

My aim is to lose 2.5lbs by next Monday.

Not sure whether to follow huel diet or slimming world. I’ve done both with success previously.

I’m going to aim for max calories of around 1000 on weekdays and 1500 weekends.

When I go to the gym and do 2 classes I’m burning according to my watch between 600-800 calories.

It’s just my sweet tooth at the moment and I need to get that in check.

You up for the weigh ins? X

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TodoDoingDone Sun 02-Dec-18 15:17:26

Hi, I'll join, if I may?

I could feel the weight creeping up, that extra belly, and clothes are tight. So I weighed myself today and was shock. I'd also like to lose 7lbs before Christmas. I'm not sure if that is realistic, but worth a try.

What is the huel diet?

outreachhow are you losing weight? Well done on 5lbs lost.

I'm bad at the exercise, I do strength training and walk 10,000 steps a day. But that is it. And I can't see how to change that given work and family.

I rarely drink. But I have a sweet tooth, I'm going to try low carb and low sugar. And just less food.

I'll weigh in tomorrow - scared! See you then!

Linckeeley1984 Sun 02-Dec-18 22:15:34


Yes the more the merrier! And hopefully the more motivation.

Huel is supposed to be the ultimate shake, containing all of the vitamins etc you need. It took a couple of shakes to get used to it. I used to have the Tesco shakes and when looking into it couldn’t believe the amount of sugar in them. Can def taste the difference between the two. You can only get it from huel website I think.

I did it but had a lot of motivation just over a year ago and lost quite well but couldn’t get back into it after a holiday.

I put one scoop of powder in water which is 153 cals.

I’m going to try having this for breakfast and lunch and a 400 cal max vegetable rich dinner. Then aim for fruit or veg in between meals so perhaps 11:00am, 2:00pm and 7:00pm of max 100 cals each time. That should be around 1000 cals a day.

Going to try and cut out all processed meat and red meat until Xmas time.

Go to gym 4 times a week burning approx 2500 calories.

Think my bmr is approx 1300 cals a day. So that a week should be around 9100 + 2500 burnt at gym = 11600 calories burnt over week

Less what I eat - 1000 cals 5 days a week and 1500 a day at weekends gives me -3600 which will only be 1lb a week loss as 3500 = 1lb.

To get my 7lb loss before Xmas would mean me eating half or doubling calories burnt.

Looks like I might be living on air.

Should definitely have stopped putting it off.

Oh well, any loss will be better than nothing and then need to carry it on in new year after putting it all back on over Xmas.

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Linckeeley1984 Mon 03-Dec-18 11:35:28

Weighed in today and it was ?st and 3 3/4 lbs.

So my aim by Friday is to be ?st and 2lbs.

Hoping I can do this as my body should be getting rid of all the rubbish I’ve put into it this last week if I’m extra good.

Just been to gym and I’m not going to get back and ransack the cupboard today.

100g of grapes it will be.

Followed by huel!!

Let me know how you guys get on today.

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xamyrose Mon 03-Dec-18 18:58:37

I’d like to join! I to have lost 5lbs the last couple of weeks.

My biggest down fall is the weekends, I always gain a couple of pounds and have to work extra hard to lose them plus more! Plus no exercise either, don’t have the time really sad

xamyrose Mon 03-Dec-18 19:38:23

Currently weigh 9,7... so the aim is to enter 2019 at 9 stone!

TodoDoingDone Mon 03-Dec-18 19:59:33

Huel sounds interesting. I've never done a shakes diet, but I don't like the thought of them having lots of sugar. That would defeat the purpose for me, as my mother is diabetic.

So, how was Monday for you all? I weighed in at 63.7 kg (just over 10stone). I was pretty good all day, except 2 biscuits. A huge improvement on my weekend!

You are my target weight xamyrose-how did you get there? I also wish I had more time for exercise. I've read that weight is 80 %food and 20%exercise, but I just feel less hungry and better when I exercise.

xamyrose Mon 03-Dec-18 20:13:37

@Todonothingdone... this is my post baby weight basically, (even though she’s two)! I was 8 and a half stone before her and 10 and a half once I gave birth but the first stone came off quite naturally.

To lose the last few pounds of weight I’ve been having lots of Omelettes and soup and not eating after 6pm, skip breakfast as i don’t ever fancy it and once I start eating I feel like I can stop! If I want something in the evenings as a treat I have a hot chocolate 😀

outreach29 Mon 03-Dec-18 21:27:38

Hiya @linckeely1984 - I'm for a weigh in on a Monday - may help to curb any excesses over the weekend!

My methods are less hardcore than yours, so I don't expect to lose as much. Just no sugar - fruit only if very hungry between meals, and minimal carbs in the form of spuds/bread/pasta etc. Like tonight we had spag bog, and I had a lot less wholewheat spaghetti than I would normally have. Then 3 strawberries for pudding. Actually feel quite full! Had salad with no dressings/oil at lunch, with 2 big tablespoons of plain cottage cheese.

Good luck with sticking to yours - you can do it if you really want (in the words of Reeves and Mortimer hehe)

outreach29 Mon 03-Dec-18 21:32:57

@xamyrose your eating plan sounds doable. I know what you mean about breakfast - I'm having a coffee when I wake up and then having 1 slice of granary toast with marmite at around 9am - depending when we get our break at work. Before I would have toast first thing, and then a snack mid morning.

My tempting downfall is crisps - nuts - Pringles I don't even buy ever as I find them lethally good -

TodoDoingDone Wed 05-Dec-18 20:14:30

Hi, how's it going? I stepped on the scales this morning and was down to 63kg. But today I felt strange, was tired, snacked and had sushi for lunch. Oops. Back on the bandwagon tomorrow!Low sugar, low carbs.

I think I could also skip breakfast but after nagging the DC for years to have it, I just can't suddenly stop.

Linckeeley1984 Wed 05-Dec-18 21:25:50

I think breakfast is important to have.

Apparently it kicks your metabolic rate into gear, so skipping breakfast to me is just a no.

I’ve not been great with the eating but I’ve exercised well.

Just can’t seem to get into gear with the food.

Going to do slimming world until Monday. Going to eat loads but have max 15 syns a day.

Lunch - jacket potato and beans it is.

Weekend alcohol will be synned too so not much for me.

I think by allowing myself the syns I’ll be better generally rather than just grabbing what I can.

Going to sit and plan tomorrow’s eating now.

Well done for losing already but try and make it something you can carry on, long term.

Keep going. X

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xamyrose Fri 07-Dec-18 07:45:43

I’ve not lost this week, but I did have a macdonalds last night and haven’t eaten great! Hopefully might be able to lose a pound if I’m good over the weekend 👍🏻

Linckeeley1984 Tue 11-Dec-18 09:22:21

Forgot to weigh in yesterday.

Down to ?st and 1 1/2 lbs. so lost 2 1/4 lbs. not sure how that’s happened as have not been eating well.

Think it might just be the general fluctuations we all have.

Going to be extra good now TIL fri and see if can stay around that weight.

Going to aim for max 1000 calories a day.

Here’s to hoping. X

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TodoDoingDone Thu 13-Dec-18 18:00:00

How has your week gone? Mine has been a disaster and I'm back to 63.5 today. sad but at least I know why-Christmas lunch and sweets in the office. Not the best time of year to lose weight!

Well done on the loss Linck! Let's all keep on going! halostar

xamyrose Fri 14-Dec-18 07:10:21

Mines been a disaster to! Not weighed myself as I’m due on tomorrow and that always confuses the scales!

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