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Weight loss/shopping realisation

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heather1 Thu 29-Nov-18 07:41:01

So yesterday I was out with a friend clothes shopping - mainly for her.
I’ve lost just 3lbs shy of a stone. Clothes are fitting better. DH is complementing me and it feels good (not that he didn’t before but he’s noticing I’ve lost weight) I’m feeling like I can do this after many many false starts in the past.
And we went into Mango and I tried on a size large coat and it fit (just), looked good etc. Now I didn’t buy it but I just had the flash of revelation that going forward I can buy clothes that I like, rather than going into a shop and just getting what fits or looking around for something that I feel doesn’t look too awful.
It was such a great feeling. I didn’t buy the coat, I got a hat 🤣. So small steps but it’s given me a glimpse of the future as I carry on with my weight loss.

Chrissmasjammies Thu 06-Dec-18 18:11:02

Heather1 it's a great feeling. I've only a few lbs lost but already feel better and while I'm.not yet into pre baby clothes the ones I am wearing are looser and fit better. My interest in clothes as more than just functional/cover is returning.

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