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Losing 1 pound per week

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Dina82 Wed 28-Nov-18 13:58:50

Hi. I've been aiming to lose one pound per week and was wanting to start a thread so we could support one another if anyone had this plan too.

I'm currently using these elements from wright loss plans and I have been losing approx a pound a week for 2 months.

No s diet- I'm eating 3 meals a day, no snacking unless I end up binging on sugary food which I'm trying to battle

SW- at least a third of my plate is fruit/ veg.
I'm drinking tea/ coffee/ water. Driving the day and apart from that eat and drink what I want.

Just had for lunch 1 slice of smoked salmon and prawn pizza with lots of salad and some beetroot.
Had a sugar craving so ate 2 medjool dates which curbed the urge to eat chocolate.

Anyone else want to follow?

Dina82 Wed 28-Nov-18 14:02:14

My stats are thats I started on 13 stone 8.

I'm currently 12 stone 11 and hoping to be 12 stone 10 by Sunday.

It's very slow but hopefully achievable long term.

Lost a lot of weight on SW 2 years ago but put it all back on and more and developed some binge eating issues

With this way there's no syns/ calorie counting/ points etc

Pinkroseuk Sat 01-Dec-18 08:35:07

Hi I'm also loosing weight each week while still trying to east sensibly - sounds very similar to yourself.

So far lost 4kg and aiming for another 20kg by mid March (not sure how many pounds this is!)

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