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Big weight loss needed, medical issue

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YorkshireBelle3 Wed 28-Nov-18 10:17:13

Hi everyone.

I Have been on epilepsy meds for 2 years and immediately piled on weight however did not realise how much. During an OH appointment yday I was weighed and shock I am 100kg at 5'6". My bmi is 36 and I'm 32 years old.

I didn't realise I was obese, I've been wearing a size 16- 18(started out as 10-12) which I didn't thing was that big (I have quite a broad frame so carry a bit of excess weight quite well) and was really humiliated when the nurse had to measure me because of my weight for OH reasons.

I need to shift about 40kg. With a reduced metabolism and serious fatigue, where do I even start?! I am going to try the gym tonight and MFP but if anyone has any ideas or similar stories of losing this kind of amount I would love to hear from you. It just seems such a big number to lose!!

Thanks all xx

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maxelly Wed 28-Nov-18 13:36:36

Hi OP, sympathies and encouragement. No personal experience of medical/medication difficulties here but fully understand that shock and horrible feeling when the weight gain situation hits you! However chin up, it may seem a huge number but its not at all unmanageable and you CAN shift it if you go about it in the right way and with the right mindset.

Couple of things, have you asked your nurse/GP/consultant whether there are any particular issues to be aware of with your condition, medication and trying to lose weight and increase exercise, and whether there is anything which is a no-no? The last thing you would want is to make your condition worse in a misguided attempt to be healthy!

Next I would try and get into the mindset of making changes for life rather than going on a 'diet'. It took you at least 2 years to put on the weight so don't be looking for a quick fix to get rid of it. Of course quick fixes are out there but so many of the posts on here from people who are miserable about weight loss failure are where they've entered into miserable, restrictive diets and then either give up when they have failed to lose 2 stone in 2 weeks or have successfully lost weight but put it on again as soon as they stop the diet. You need to think towards being on an eating 'plan' for the very long term, perhaps forever. That thought depressed me at first but not once I realised that plans exist which allowed me to lose weight/maintain my weight whilst still eating the foods I enjoy and fitting into my lifestyle (perhaps not in the amounts and at the frequency I ate them before but I still get them!)

-In terms of where to start, do your research before embarking on a plan, and prepare yourself practically and emotionally for it ie meal planning what you are going to eat in advance, buying the right kind of food, (including snacks if these are a part of the plan), giving away or binning things which aren't allowed, and planning/thinking of good distractions and non food based 'treats' for times when you are tempted to backslide. A particularly important thing is to plan ahead for any heavy eating or 'off plan' days, especially with Christmas approaching - most diets allow for some days off or heavier eating days but the key thing is to make sure you recommence the diet the day after!
The weight loss boards here are a good start and may point you towards other sites/materials. There are loads of plans/diets out there and they all work if followed properly. The thing to remember is that what suits one person doesn't always suit another so I'd take some of the evangelical posts that claim that X diet is the one and only healthy/sustainable/effective way with a pinch of salt. Personally I get on really well with intermittant fasting/5:2 but find low carb/high fat a nightmare, many others are the other way around. Others prefer daily calorie restriction type diets or WW/SW or the no S plan or any of the myriad others out there. Really it is just about finding your preference and then STICKING TO IT (even if you have weeks where you don't lose weight or struggle, weight loss is a marathon not a sprint).

The good news is that you probably don't need to massively increase your exercise to lose weight (I didn't) - exercise is great for physical and mental health and can marginally benefit you in terms of weight loss so I'm not saying don't do it, but you will really see the results from dietary change. And with your fatigue be really careful to not over-exert as IMO feeling really exhausted and in pain is likely to lead to comfort and/or convenience eating which tends not be be conducive to healthy eating!

Good luck, you can do it!

YorkshireBelle3 Wed 28-Nov-18 22:02:12

Thanks for such an uplifting and helpful message, Max , I'm almost feeling it might be doable after all!!

Great point about the time it took to put on and not to rush. It's hard after yesterday not to want it all off now.

So I went to the gym tonight and was.only in 20 mins as I felt a bit panicky so left. It's a 50 min walk in total there and back so I think it's not a bad start, and did a big healthy shop. I'll start with MFP tomorrow properly I think as I had leftovers for lunch (didn't want to waste them) and wasn't sure of the exact proportions of ingredients but have made soup for dinner and lunch tomo. I need to look for a plan for guidance as you say but I suppose can count cals in the meantime.

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heather1 Wed 28-Nov-18 22:05:55

I can really recommend metabolic balance. Personalized to you. First two weeks are hard as the portions are small but the weight falls off quickly. It’s not just about losing weight it’s learning what works for your body and becoming healthier. All meals are quick to make. I’ve lost 4 kilos in 2.5 weeks

MagicKeysToAsda Wed 28-Nov-18 22:14:30

I totally agree with @maxelly - more or less any sensible approach will "work", but you need to think about which would fit best with your life long-term. Everyone is different, otherwise there would only be 1 way of eating out there and it would be hailed as The One grin Also agree that while exercise is great for my mental health, strength and toning up, it's food that made the difference for weight loss (70lbs off so far).

There's a supportive thread in weight loss chat for people looking at losing 100lbs (unless my maths is very off, I think that's roughly your 40kg goal? Sort of?) People on there are using different approaches, some are just starting and some are almost there / have got there.

Very good luck with whichever path you choose. You can definitely do this, one good choice at a time.

HastingsLikeTheBattle Wed 28-Nov-18 22:19:19

Hi Yorkshire I just wanted to reply and say that my DD also piled the weight on following a diagnosis of epilepsy at 16. It took a good couple of year to get her on the right meds, but once she was, she started eating more healthily as well as slightly increasing her exercise (very slowly as she still suffers from meds induced fatigue) but she has now lost all of the weight she put on. So it can be done smile

I wish you well with your journey flowers

YorkshireBelle3 Thu 29-Nov-18 16:39:49

Thank you so much for your supportive messages. It really does mean a lot. I'm still too humiliated to say anything to anyone in real life (thanks to the whole OH measuring carry on. Argh)

Thanks heather and congrats on your loss, really impressive. I've just had a look at the metabolic balance plan and it sounds really effective. I couldn't afford £800 (approx) though I'm afraid. Do you know any books on it to DIY?

Blimey Magic 70lb! That's an incredible loss. Massively well done. I've had a look on that thread, I think need to lose about 90lb (more would be good!) Do you think they'd mind it being a shade under 100lb?

Hi Hastings sorry to hear your daughter has had the same problems. It can be really demoralising but great to hear she's managed to lose it all despite having the fatigue, clearly a really determined lass.

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MagicKeysToAsda Thu 29-Nov-18 17:28:24

of course, they're lovely on there!

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