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Weight gain after child birth?

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Mummy0718 Tue 20-Nov-18 11:41:00

At the risk of sounding stupid here as I know it’s part of having children but my 2nd child has just turned 5 months and I’m so unhappy with my body I just wanted to know other people’s stories. First dc is nearly 8 so a huge gap and I was much younger then but eventually my body went back to “normal”. My stomach was always relatively flat although I have big hips and a bum and big legs which I hated, my stomach was ok and not toned but wasn’t flabby, now I feel like all my muscle is gone under my tummy and it’s just the big overhang and I know I should shut up and put up or do something about it but having two children and dp works away doesn’t give me a lot of opportunity to go to gym etc (excuses)! Did anyone else’s body take a while but finally get slightly better as I know it’ll never be the same as before. I know how stupid it is for me to be focusing on this and more to worry about in life but my confidence is just shot and it’s affecting me and my relationship. I don’t want to go out n feel I look terrible in everything as I don’t know what to wear now for my new shape

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BirdyKRos Tue 20-Nov-18 14:41:20

The first thing to remember is that your body has made two little babies so don’t be too harsh on yourself, it’s an amazing thing! And I think every pregnancy / person is different and has their own journeys. My first baby is just over 8 months, and from my experience, I managed to lose around 1 & 1/2 stone within the first few months, but I struggled to lose that final half stone that I’d gained, and also felt very conscious with a flabby baby after having a section. I started to go to clubbercise (exercise class) two evenings a week and after speaking to a friend, started Herbalife. Since doing that in August, Iv lost a further 15lbs so I’m now less than I was before I had my little boy, and although my tummy is still a little flabby, there’s less fat there. For me, that diet works as it’s a shake in the morning whilst I make babies milk & porridge, and then healthy meals. The guys & girls post lots of 10-15min exercises too which I can do whilst he has a nap. Just don’t compare yourself to other people, as I have done that, but Iv now realised I’m on my own journey. Hope that helps xx

Mummy0718 Tue 20-Nov-18 17:34:56

Thank you, I try not to be too hard on myself , it’s more a confidence issue I guess and being too lazy to do anything about it and actually change what I don’t like. I’m still over a stone heavier than before I fell pregnant n it’s my shape that’s totally changed along with the jelly belly. No point lookingfor a quick fix I guess! I’ve never thought much of Herbalife but I’ll look into it now and see if it might be good for me! Thank you for your reply, made me feel a bit better xx

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6onTheHappyFarm Tue 20-Nov-18 17:40:47

I always found I held onto the last 10lb/stone until I went back to work. I think it's because in work we just have one 30 minute lunch break, so my opportunity to snack and think about food was greatly reduced! When I'm at home with the kids it's a lot of cooking and making them snacks, which invariably leads to me eating more.

I am a petite pear shape with heavy legs and a biiig bum grin, it takes crossfit 3 x weekly to keep my weight in check and my body looking toned. I have to go to the 6am class to fit it in, although I've stopped it now that I'm pregnant. Because I'm shorter I find that if I even put on 4/6lb I notice it and don't look the way I want to.

I wish I could say that there was an easier way, but for me it involves a lot of hard work.

BirdyKRos Tue 20-Nov-18 19:20:47

I think even if you could fit in a quick 10min HIT session twice a week then that would certainly help. There’s a 10min core Herbalife video that I do twice a week during nap time, just to try and work the muscles in that area, but I’m sure there’s lots on YouTube, or the Joe Wicks Body Coach ones are good too. My shape had/has changed slightly too, but I’m trying to get it back, and getting there slowly!

Herbalife is pretty straight forward and fits in around my life with a baby lol. You basically focus on having a shake for breakfast, and then there are optional enhancers too. (I have tea to help burn calories/fat and to give extra energy, aloe to keep the digestive system healthy and prevent bloating, and additional fibre to help go to the loo!). The shake is the balanced meal in milkshake/smoothie form, and you mix it with milk - almond, coconut & soya milk are recommended but I use normal semi skimmed because I like it that way, plus you can add frozen fruit or ice.

Then you eat a healthy lunch, dinner and 2 snacks, which are a balanced meal. You can replace another meal with a shake if you wanted to kick start results but personally I like food too much so only have one a day! There’s Facebook groups with support and they run challenges etc to keep you motivated.

6onTheHappyFarm Tue 20-Nov-18 19:44:09

One if my friends gets good results doing the Shaun T workouts at home. They're supposed to be intense! Maybe something like that if you find it hard to get out of the house?

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